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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 289.1

Chapter 289: Blaming Herself (Part One)

Bei Shan said, “Why is this junior brother different? Because his card is the 2 of Diamonds!”

The 8 and J of Diamonds immediately narrowed their eyes and straightened up their backs. 

“The 2 of Diamonds?” The J of Diamonds exclaimed, “Senior Brother, was this decided by the Division Master?”

Bei Shan said, “Yes, but this guy doesn’t know anything about the Division Master’s intention in giving him that card, and he doesn’t even really know much about the Dragon Division completely yet. What the Division Master means is, the focus right now is to sharpen his skills, and I’m here on duty to protect him.”

The J of Diamonds couldn’t help but feel a bit curious. “I’m now kind of eager to see what this guy is like. This is the first number 2 card that appeared since the establishment of Huaxia, right?”

Bei Shan nodded. “The last one was the 2 of Spades, which was the Division Master himself, and ever since then, he had hidden the 2s, just so that one day if the Dragon Division really gets exposed, people will only focus on the Joker and the 4 Sky Kings and 12 Earth Kings, and no one would ever pay attention to the only 2! This would be the last resort left by the Division if the Dragon Division gets caught in a fatal crisis.”

Upon hearing about the Division Master, the other two immediately became a little upset and worried, knowing that the Division Master was already very old. If he really didn’t have a successor, then the Dragon Division would collapse!

“Senior Brother, what does the Division Master really see in a Dragon Blade that even needs our protection?” The 8 of Diamonds was a bit confused.

Bei Shan grinned. “Why don’t you two ask me how was he hospitalized?”

The J of Diamonds asked curiously, ‘That’s true, what did he do?”

Bei Shan: “He went to the Queen’s birthday party and swore at her, and then he also insulted all the nobles and aristocrats at that party.”

The 8 of Diamonds’s eyelids jumped. “Swore at the Queen? And even insulted? That old grandma’s already 89 years old right? Holy crap, I’m convinced now!”

Bei Shan: “What’s more ridiculous was that after he called those nobles trash, he even got into a fight and beat those nobles up. Then, he cleared a blood path from the Platinum Palace’s door to the gate of the estate. Almost a hundred of the Royal Guards were beaten down tonight.”

The 8 and J of Diamonds could only squeeze out two words, “Holy, f-ck.”

What level of holy f-ck was this?

Not only did this guy stir up a sh-tstorm at the Queen’s birthday party, he also insulted basically all the nobles at that party, beat them up, and then he also managed to beat up about a hundred royal guards. Just how overpowered was this guy?

Just moments ago, the 8 and J were still despising him. And now, they could only bitterly smile. If it was them, they would be retarded to do what the 2 of Diamonds just did, because they would be beaten to death over 10 times over.

Going to the birthday party of the Queen, insulting the royals, and even stirring up a fight, only madmen would do such a thing. 

The J of Diamonds bitterly laughed. “This guy is indeed a 2, he’s basically the same type of guy as the Division Master… “

The 8 of Diamonds: “Did they use guns?”

Bei Shan nodded. “Yes. Xu Cheng was hit 4 times, and now he’s still in the E.R.! We don’t know what will happen, but what we need to do is to stop any assassination attempts during this time. It’s the first time someone disrespected the royalty on their territory, and the British Government won’t let this kind of guy leave the country easily. Now, it looks like we have to play with our old acquaintance, the MI6.” 

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  1. I’m less worried about the mc and more about Chuxue, they don’t seem to plan on protecting her.

    Probably we will se some of that disgusting last minute action after mc wakes up to save her out of a disgusting situation… (I hope I’m wrong.)

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