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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 289.2

Chapter 289: Blaming Herself (Part Two)

The J of Diamonds popped a piece of gum into his mouth and chewed. “I’m almost about to vomit from dealing with those guys too much. They are really like gum that just stick to you, but they do do a good job with collecting intel.”

Bei Shan gave out a few orders and then went upstairs. He went back to the corridor outside of the emergency room where he saw Lin Chuxue’s hair draped down on her delicate face which had no hint of color. She just leaned against the wall and stared at the red light in the operating room.

Bei Shan walked over and patted on Lin Lei’s shoulder and pulled him off to the side. He said to him, “When something this big happens, you know there will be more tonight, right?”

Lin Lei nodded. “If it’s really like what my sister said, then tonight, my brother-in-law will be in big danger.”

Bei Shan nodded. “So you should think of a way to let your sister hide for now.”

Lin Lei bitterly smiled. “It would be impossible. I know her, she’s pretty stubborn.”

Bei Shan. “Then you can knock her unconscious first, I will teach you how.”

Lin Lei shook his head. “This thing involves my brother-in-law, and if I were to do it and something were to happen to my brother-in-law tonight, she would hate me for the rest of her life after she wakes up.” 

Looking at the hopeless Lin Chuxue in the corridor, he sighed and walked over, wanting to say something to her, but he only heard Lin Chuxue faintly say, “I will not leave, no matter what you say.”

Bei Shan paused, and his mouth that was open and was just about to say something closed. 

Lin Chuxue said, “With things getting to this scale, even if Xu Cheng was pulled back from the death, it wouldn’t be the end of the troubles. I won’t leave this place. I already got my family to prepare a helicopter, and we are taking him away right after he wakes up. We will go back to Huaxia.”

Bei Shan sighed. “I’m just worried that he won’t even get to wake up again.”

Lin Chuxue gritted her teeth and said with her bloodshot eyes, “No way, the doctor said he’s still struggling and unwilling to go. I know he wouldn’t leave me behind, so he will wake up for sure! After he wakes up, we will go back to Huaxia. F*ck the nobles and royalty! If anything, I will just destroy my face, as long as I don’t bring Xu Cheng any trouble, I’m willing to do anything.”

Always being very ladylike, Lin Chuxue actually cursed as she talked about her plan.

Lin Lei turned around and looked at Lin Chuxue. “Sis, this isn’t your fault. This is just an obstacle that was left in my brother-in-law’s heart. If we can get through this together, then he won’t feel guilty again. At least now, he already proved himself.” 

Lin Chuxue’s eyes began tearing up again and she blamed herself, “No, it had been my fault all along… If I wasn’t so prideful in the beginning, if it wasn’t my identity, Xu Cheng wouldn’t have to endure this much pressure to try and prove himself to anyone. Since beginning to end, it had been me that forced him to walk to this kind of situation. I’m such a selfish woman! I couldn’t let go my prideful identity and always hoped that my man would be better than the others. It was me that got Xu Cheng hurt. “

As she said that, she guilty huddled herself into her knees. The little body in a dress covered in blood would make anyone’s heart ache.

“Sis, it’s not like this. There had always been a rock on my brother-in-law’s heart. In the past, Uncle Xu also ran away with the woman he loved, but in the end, he still couldn’t give his lover a righteous identity. As a result, my brother-in-law couldn’t even be open about his own identity, having to be adopted by us and endure all the strange looks of those around him. He just didn’t want his kids with you to endure something like this too. It wasn’t you that’s pressuring him, but his own path and background. This isn’t your fault, so don’t blame yourself.”

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