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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 290.1

Chapter 290: The Most Tenacious Gene on Earth (Part one)

In the E.R., Jacob was already completely immersed in his own crazy research. He recorded his findings as he noted down the shocking discoveries.

From the blood stains on Xu Cheng’s forehead, he found even more genetic material from other organisms!

It was very strange, because from the active cells, he found genes from eagles, bats, and a bunch of others that he hadn’t confirmed yet with the limited database he had access to in the E.R. 

He felt this was getting ridiculous, because how could a person’s body carry so many DNA cell bodies that were all perfectly integrated?

From the blood stains on Xu Cheng’s hands and arms, he even found the genetic structure of felines, and what was even more shocking was that the feline gene was already perfectly integrated with the eagle’s genes!

If Xu Cheng knew this, he would definitely realize where his penetrating vision ability came from. It was from the fusion and evolution between an eagle’s long-range vision and a cat’s night vision! 

Jacob felt like all of his common sense was overthrown by what he witnessed today, and he was so focused that when he got up, he accidentally knocked over a water bottle placed next to him, causing water to fall onto Xu Cheng’s body. 

Jacob quickly stood up to check on Xu Cheng, and seeing that the blood bags were running low, he immediately added two more bags.

Then, he began collecting blood samples from other parts of Xu Cheng’s body to search for other genes.

However, he didn’t notice that the water that was splashed onto Xu Cheng actually suddenly began slowly sliding up on Xu Cheng’s skin. The water quickly climbed to the biggest wounds on Xu Cheng’s body and covered it, and then a magical scene happened. The water actually began repairing those open wounds, and in just a few minutes, the biggest wound that was on Xu Cheng’s shoulder pretty much healed, leaving behind only old blood stains. 

Immediately after, those water molecules traveled to the other four gun wounds on Xu Cheng’s body and began healing.

In the meantime, the constant input of blood began to spread throughout all his blood vessels, repairing and awakening Xu Cheng’s weak and dormant heart.

At this moment, Jacob didn’t notice, but Xu Cheng actually moved his finger slightly.

Then, that weak ECG suddenly went back to normal. 

Xu Cheng suddenly opened his eyes, and lights flashed through his eyes.

With his back against Xu Cheng, Jacob was still doing experiments when he heard an abrupt sound behind his back. He immediately turned back to look at the operating table and saw Xu Cheng still lying there. Jacob went over and touched XU Cheng’s chest, feeling the strong heartbeat. He then saw the ECG had recovered to a normal person’s heartbeat pattern. He excitedly checked Xu Cheng’s body, and then he saw the wounds on Xu Cheng’s body all completely healed. His mouth opened up wide as his eyes stared right at those old wound spots, and his breathing started to pick up in speed. Subconsciously, he took a step back and almost fell to the ground, and he immediately went back to the table to record down the new findings. 

Xu Cheng opened his eyes when Jacob turned around, and through his body, he saw the content the doctor was recording. A chilling light flashed past his eyes as he saw on Jacob’s notebook were all secrets of his body! Those were all the genes that Jacob found in Xu Cheng’s body, and when Xu Cheng saw them, he was also quite shocked. Before, he didn’t know at all what was injected into his body and what was happening, and after seeing those animal genes that Jacob was recording down, he just realized that those were the biggest reasons that caused the gradual changes to his body.

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  1. Pranav Rs

    What if Xu Cheng is Percy Jackson’s half-brother lol

  2. He needs to kill him, delete everything recorded and destroy all samples.

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