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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 291.2

Chapter 291: You Will Become – a Mutant (Part Two)

Jacob: “That’s all I know right now, and as for what kind of effects those animal genes in your body has, I have no idea.”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes. If this guy found out about the other effects, he shouldn’t let this guy live to see another day. Actually, he should get rid of this guy right now! If he just leave him be and continue investigating, he would sooner or later find out about his abilities, and by then, he would be taken away and studied like a monster, getting dissected into pieces.

Just when Xu Cheng was about to take action, Jacob turned around to grab something else as he said, “I also found that the genes in your body are beginning to undergo fusion.”


Jacob nodded. “The water bear’s genes are decomposing and recombining and merging the other genes, and over time, they will be completely integrated. By then, you may no longer be a human.”

Xu Cheng’s eyelids jumped. “Then what would I be?”

Jacob looked at Xu Cheng with a serious face and said, “Your own DNA will be completely integrated as well. If we use a sci-fi movie term to describe you, you will be called – a mutant.” 

Xu Cheng: “By then, I would be captured and dissected, right?”

Jacob looked at Xu Cheng and said, “You should cooperate with me, I can help you. I just want achievements in the medical field, and I promise I won’t use you like a lab rat like the other scientists, how about that?”

Xu Cheng: “What’s the difference? In the eyes of you crazy scientists, human lives are no different than those animals.”

In the past, he went on that mission to destroy the lab, and over there, he saw various hybrid experiments of human and animal corpses. It was a terrifying sight. 

When Xu Cheng was sunk in memory, Jacob sneakily took out a anesthesia needle from his drawer and suddenly rushed over to Xu Cheng. In his eyes, Xu Cheng was the key to a great scientific breakthrough he could lead, so how was he going to let Xu Cheng go just like that?

Xu Cheng was too lazy to even look at him. He just threw a punch and sent him into a wall.

He quickly got off the operating table and got a bag to take in all of Jacob’s notes. He knew these things would come to be of use in the near future. After all, he didn’t really know what was going on in his body and he didn’t dare to go to the hospital for a checkup. It was good to have someone gather the information for him.

After glancing at the introduction of leaf ants, Xu Cheng was shocked. Then, taking a look at his fist, he now understood a little why he could summon such explosive strengths. It turned out that the genes of the leaf ants played a key role. 

Then, after seeing the introduction on bats, Xu Cheng realized why he could use ultrasonic waves and even be able to shoot when blind-folded! It felt like these super abilities of his could really be linked to these animals’ genes.

At this thought, Xu Cheng became more and more aware that he must not let these secrets leak. He immediately took all the notes Jacob made, and then he poured water onto the computer to burn the circuits and then shattered the hard drive with his fist. 

– Outside – 

In the corridor, Bei Shan sat as he looked up at the ceiling. When he heard the infrared sensor he placed at the end of the corridor get triggered from his earpiece, he was suddenly alarmed. 

They were here!

At this moment, a group of British police officers came over.

Seeing them coming in such an imposing manner, Lin Chuxue stood up and asked, “What are you guys doing?”

She subconsciously moved closer to the operating room and tried to stop them from getting closer. 

Lin Lei got in front of her to protect her.

The police officer leading the group said to Lin Chuxue, “Miss Lin, please do not interfere with us enforcing the law. We are here to arrest a criminal.”

Lin Chuxue: “Who’s the criminal?”

Police: “Xu Cheng!”

Lin Chuxue: “He’s not! Her Majesty the Queen wasn’t even going to pursue this anymore, what are you guys doing here?”

Police: “Sorry, we are under the orders of the British government to arrest him, not the Queen.”

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  1. Isaac Macedo dos Santos

    Péssima ideia não ter matado ele

  2. Missing sentence.


    But he didn’t believe it would be related to this, but after seeing the characteristics of the bat, Xu Cheng believed it. Because only he knows that he can shoot with his eyes closed, it is the effect of ultrasonic feedback! It really makes sense if one’s traits are related to the instincts of these species.

    However, what surprised Xu Cheng was that the original leaf ants can burst out 50 times their own power, and Xu Cheng barely felt that he could only explode 25 times the ultimate power. Should there be room for improvement?

    He didn’t dare to imagine how perverted he could be at 50 times. Can he punch through a wall like a Hulk?

    Thinking of this, Xu Cheng became more and more aware of the importance of not revealing his secrets. He quickly packed up the clues discovered by Jacob. The computer was directly poured into the water and the circuit was burned to death, and the host was then broken in a punch Destroyed the hard drive.


    (I really hope he killed that trash.)

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