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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 292.1

Chapter 292: The Two Senior Brothers of Diamonds (Part one)

Lin Chuxue’s face darkened. She obviously knew what these guys are here to do. They were here to check if Xu Cheng was still alive and to arrest him if he was. And once Xu Cheng gets taken away, then he might be imprisoned forever. So, she would rather die than let these guys go in and disturb the operation.

“What crime did he commit that you guys are arresting him for?’

“Attempted murder. Even if he’s an officer of the Huaxia military, he needs to face the constitution of the British Empire first! More than a hundred people were severely injured by him, this crime is still not serious enough? Miss Lin, I’m afraid that you cannot stop us. Please step aside.”

Lin Chuxue: “Even if you guys are here to arrest him, don’t you see that he’s in the E.R.? You should at least wait until the operation is complete, that’s the proper protocol.”

The one leading the guys in police uniforms directly pointed a gun at Lin Chuxue and said, “Please do not stand in our way. I’m just responsible for arresting him, I won’t do anything to him.”

Lin Lei directly stepped forward and shouted at the police, “Just try and pull that trigger!”

The guy didn’t move after seeing Bei Shan who also seemed to be ready to fight back. He commanded his guys, “Go in and check.”

Bei Shan stepped up but was blocked off by two officers, and while he was still hesitating whether he should fight back against the police, the other officers already opened the E.R.’s door and rushed in.

Inside the room, Xu Cheng already swapped clothes with Jacob, and the one on the operating table was now Jacob.
“Boss, he’s here,” his man told him.

The leading officer walked in, and Lin Chuxue immediately became nervous and wanted to run in to check on Xu Cheng as well, but she was stopped by the others at the door. 

(TL Note: why’s Bei Shan so useless here)

The leading officer saw a guy lying on the operating table with a cloth covering his face.

He walked towards the table and asked Xu Cheng who was in the corner playing with some needles with his back against them, “How did the operation go?”

Xu Cheng replied without turning around, “Still ongoing, don’t take him away yet.”

The leading officer suddenly lifted up his arm and fired two shots at Jacob on the operating table!

Then, he said to Xu Cheng, “He’s a wanted criminal, don’t blame yourself too much for not being able to save him.”

Then, he lifted up the white cloth to check if it was really Xu Cheng under there. However, when he lifted it up and saw a white guy’s face, his face drastically changed. Xu Cheng suddenly dashed across the room with a scalpel in hand. Four people’s throats were directly sliced with blood gushing out. Before they even fell to the ground, Xu Cheng already arrived before the leading officer. 

He sliced the officer’s wrist right before the officer could point his gun at him. Just when he was about to shout, Xu Cheng already covered his mouth as he stabbed the scalpel into the left side of his chest, stopping millimeters away from the heart as he asked in a deep voice, “Who sent you? If you don’t answer, the scalpel will go into your heart!”

“I-I-I’ll answer! It’s Prince Will! He doesn’t want you to leave this country alive, and the other young masters also don’t want you to live past tonight.”

When he finished, Xu Cheng pulled out the scalpel and cut his throat. Then, he tossed the scalpel to the side and walked out of the operating room.

Outside, Lin Chuxue’s face immediately paled when she heard gunshots, and Bei Shan immediately took down the officers outside. Lin Chuxue was about to run in, and she ran right into Xu Cheng. Lin Chuxue thought it was the officer and she started hurling her fist right away.

“I will make you pay with your life!” Lin Chuxue hurled her fist in desperation towards Xu Cheng’s face before she could lift up her head and look at where she was punching.

Xu Cheng didn’t expect the woman to be this emotional, treating him with a punch right as he came out.

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  1. Missing detail.


    “I want you to die!” Lin Chuxue waved his fist desperately and threw it to Xu Cheng’s face while crying.

    Xu Cheng saw her come in, but did not expect this woman to be so emotional, and came in with a frantic fist to serve.

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