Chapter 295: Revenge (Part one)

– At a golf course villa – 

Tom Jenkins leaned on the couch and was sipping on some wine.

His family controlled the biggest oil companies in the country, and he came back from the banquet early after Xu Cheng ruined it. Seeing the swimsuit party he was having at his place and looking at all the beautiful girls in bikinis, he felt this was the paradise he belonged to. 

“Tom, how was it? Did you get to see the Rose of Britain at the banquet?” Someone came over to have a toast with him.

“Yeah, and the more I saw, the more I wanted to kill that Asian b-stard who is her husband!” Tom was furious. “I don’t know if the guy died or not at the hospital. Indeed, he’s changed a lot, and I just don’t like seeing that. I won’t tolerate him stepping over my head! Hopefully the good news will come soon.”

His friend heard it and just shook his head and went back to preparing more barbeque meat.

Tom went back to looking at the models in bikinis by the pool, enjoying the view.

At that moment, his phone rang.

“Hello? Fergus, it’s so late into the night, are you calling me to tell me the good news that that [email protected]’s dead?”

On the other end of the call, a timid cry came through. “What should we do? Tom, what should we do? The grim reaper is coming!”

Tom frowned. “Fergus, did you smoke some of those again?”

Fergus’s voice was trembling, “H-h-h-he’s coming! He’s coming! The revenge has begun! We shouldn’t have provoked him!”

Tom: “Fergus, f-cking be more clear when you talk, what are you talking about?”

“Buren’s dead! He died of murder! And just now, Jiru’s dead too, at his bar! Their times of deaths are too much of a coincidence to not be related, and it was 30 minutes apart! And now, it has been almost another 30 minutes. I don’t know who he’s killing next, and that’s why I called to ask. I’m assured now that I heard your voice. You should get yourself more bodyguards and be cautious. It’s dangerous tonight.”

“Are you joking with me? Buren and Jiru are dead?” Tom was in disbelief.

“Tom, don’t you watch the news? Go check social media and see for yourself! It’s all true!”

Tom: “Then what does it have to do with that [email protected]? It could just be accidents, and it’s better now that those two are dead. Alright, stop bothering me with bad news, I’m enjoying life right now. Do you want to come? Bring more girls too. I’m at the villa beside the golf course my dad gave me, I will hang up first.”

Then, Tom got up and walked up to a model and slid his hand across her smooth buttcheeks. She threw a wink at him and said, “Hurry, I will wait for you in the room upstairs.”

Then, the model went up to the second floor.

Tom cracked his neck, took off his towel, and jumped into the pool, wanting to do a quick swim first. But, before he could come back up to the surface, he felt something grab onto his ankle! It felt like a human’s hand!

Tom was shocked, and he desperately tried to break free, opening his eyes, and looking down but he saw nothing. But, his foot was indeed being pulled by something. After struggling for a while, he just couldn’t get back to the surface to make a splash to alert others. 

Finally, the last breath he was holding went out, and Tom’s movements gradually died down.

Tom – died of drowning.

When the police came and did an autopsy, the hand mark on his ankle made it one of the unsolved mysteries, and later on, people began drawing connections from those mysterious deaths to Xu Cheng, causing no one to dare to think about taking advantage of his wife. 

It was already about 30 minutes since Fergus got news of Tom drowning. He hid in a corner of his room, shivering. Normally, he just lived by himself, and although he called for bodyguards last minute, they hadn’t arrived yet, so felt extremely unsafe by himself.

Feeling that his location might be exposed, he decided to just drive out and find a random camping location in the wild to stay for the night.

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