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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 296.1

Chapter 296: Setup (Part one)

After Fergus hung up the phone, he saw the passenger door’s seat was still open. He immediately got out of the car and went to close it. But what he didn’t notice was that the leather of his passenger seat sunk down a bit, as if someone was sitting there. 

After Fergus came back to his car, he waited anxiously for Prince Will to come out.

He finally let out a sigh of relief when he saw Prince Will’s car slowly drive out of the hospital’s parking lot.

“Thank God…”

Then, he started his car. He obviously wouldn’t wait for the grim reaper, and he directly followed after Prince Will’s car. Now, it seemed like they were the only two survivors, so they must unite to deal with that [email protected] Rather than being dominated by the fear of death, they might as well try to fight back.

Just when Fergus was about to accelerate to try to pull up to Prince Will and greet him, for some unknown reason, his foot on the gas pedal felt as if it was stepped on hard by another foot, and the engine instantly unleashed more than two hundred horsepower. Fergus terrifyingly found his foot suddenly begin hurting so much and he couldn’t let go of the gas pedal no matter what. He could only watch his car speed up, screaming as the car slammed right into Prince Will’s sedan. Fergus’s eyes stared wide open as he tried to swirl the steering wheel to the side.

But, he found that the steering wheel seemed to have gotten fixed in place by someone as well!

His face was pale, and with a loud bang, the jeep rammed right into the sedan at a T-section, completely obliterating the back half of the sedan. The momentum carried both cars across the road into a small cliff, pining Prince Will’s car in between. The violent collision directly squeezed the sedan into a piece of junk, with the car beyond recognition.

The huge crash caused quite the attention around the area, and the passerby cars almost couldn’t stop and ran into them as well.

Fergus’s head brutally slammed against the steering wheel as he lost consciousness.
And in that extended sedan, Prince Will’s body had been penetrated all over by broken glass. His face was covered in blood as he struggled to climb out. The butler that was driving that car had instantly died. Just when Prince Will was about to free himself from the car, a lighter fell from god-knows-where besides the leaking tank and ignited the oil. 

With a loud bang, there was a huge explosion as fire shot into the sky! The huge blast caused the traffic to sink into chaos and panic. This incident immediately became one of the biggest events in the country that year, because the victim of that crash was a prince!

A few days later, Fergus was discharged from the hospital. Then, he was taken into the interrogation room with handcuffs on and was being interrogated. “Why did you kill Prince Will?”

Fergus felt like he was losing his mind. “I didn’t! I didn’t! I didn’t kill him!”

The two interrogators exchanged a look, and someone immediately stood up, grabbed his hair, and slammed it onto the table as he shouted, “Don’t take us for fools! Don’t think that you can get through this as long as you act like you have a mental disability! You won’t be able to wash yourself clean from the crime of murdering a prince!”

Fergus’s face was covered in blood as he lifted his head up and shouted in anger, “It wasn’t me!”

“The surveillance cameras have a clear record of what happened! You were in the driver’s seat, and there was only one person in the car. You were driving at more than 200 mph towards Prince Will’s car, how are you going to deny that when we have video evidence?!”

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