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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 299.1

Chapter 299: Low-key (Part one)

– At the home of the J of Diamonds – 

The four Dragon Blade brothers all sat around the table.

“Kalan?” The 8 of Diamonds frowned. “You said he came to look for you?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “My in-laws don’t know too much. Since you guys do intel work, what do you know about him?”

The J of Diamonds poured tea for all three of them as he said, “This guy’s an activist. He was a civilian growing up, but he was able to accomplish quite a lot in the field of martial arts and was thus accepted by the nobles. Since then, he has been proud as a member of a noble family. The guy is indeed quite arrogant, but he does have the capabilities. As for assessment, I think he is at least an A.”

The 8 of Diamonds looked at Xu Cheng and said oddly, “Look, I told you already to not provoke the nobles and royalty. Now look, the professional face-slapper has come out. How do you plan on fighting him? I had taken an interest in and followed this guy before, trying to gather some intel, but that guy actually noticed me. That’s enough to show how powerful he is.”

Xu Cheng didn’t know whether he should laugh or cry. “Holy crap, they are all lining up trying to cuckold me, and I can’t even talk back to them?”

Bei Shan looked at Xu Cheng oddly. “But you did stomp on their face, so it’s no surprise that they found someone to try to get their reputation back. I can already imagine, if you lose tomorrow, you will be drowned by saliva, and you will be sprayed until you go back to your country.”

The J of Diamonds said, “I forgot to tell you, this Kalan guy is particularly hostile towards martial artists from Huaxia. Didn’t the G20 World Special Forces Competition just happen recently? I heard that this Kalan guy also participated, and our country’s team didn’t get into the top three. I think it was a bit unpleasant and Kalan humiliated those soldiers from Huaxia.”

Xu Cheng forgot about this. “Oh right, I don’t even know why I wasn’t selected to enter that competition.”

“You were already recruited into the Dragon Division, so of course we aren’t going to let you go.” The 8 of Diamonds rolled his eyes at him. “But the batch that was sent this year to the competition was pretty garbage. Actually, it’s been several years now, and our country’s elite soldiers indeed haven’t accomplished any decent results on the world stage.”

Bei Shan: “This is called reserving forces. What fart does it give if we can win the competition? It’s pointless, and that’s why the true elites were all recruited into the Dragon Division. Don’t forget what we do, we are the aces! Every year, although our ranking sucked, didn’t you guys notice that Huaxia’s one of the few countries that the mercenaries are afraid of entering the most? The waters are deep there, what do you guys know.”

Xu Cheng: “Senior Brother JJ, how did that Kalan humiliate us?”

The J of Diamonds: “I heard Ye Xiu was carrying a dagger, and this guy deliberately fought him bare-handed, and he also used some racist words. Overall, it caused quite a commotion, and I heard they even fought after the competition. You should know, the British Empire was a big shot back in World War II, and they passed on this pride to their next generations through history classes. I guess this Kalan was also one of those that got a strong sense of superiority from history, and I think he also mocked our country’s soldiers with events that happened back in World War II. It’s one thing to be mocked, but what’s most hurtful was how Ye Xiu got humiliated but couldn’t beat him. Also, isn’t our country known for martial arts and Shaolin and stuff? This is a pretty big part of our culture, whether it’s Huang Feihong, Bruce Li, or Yip Man from ancient to modern times, I guess these guys’ stories got too popular and maybe blown out of hand and that’s why Kalan really detests Huaxia. Maybe it’s because he thought those stories were just exaggerated and not worthy of the fame.”

Xu Cheng: “Say, if I end up killing Kalan, wouldn’t I not be able to leave after?”

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  1. You sure this doesn’t need the ‘Nationalism’ (author vilifies other countries whilst glorifying their own) tag on novelupdates?

    • noodletowntranslated

      well, im pretty sure the author vilifies all countries and shts on capitalists in general instead of just other countries. It’s just that the main character took care of the trash back home and now he’s moving to the world stage

  2. …Can we please get more chapters with him and his wife? Always is he somewhere else… he could also call these pseudo ace’s… and have some nice sweet time with his wife…

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