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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 300.1

Chapter 300: Champion of the Nation Versus World-Class Special Force (Part one)

Xu Cheng: “But I guess my wife is pretty presentable. Should I tell her to show her face a little tomorrow?”

Bagh: “Haha, yeah, we promise we won’t criticize her.”

Wang An: “Please don’t hurt us single dogs.”

Tie Shi: “Holy crap, did I miss something? Did the lurker Xu Cheng finally come out?”

Xu Cheng smiled and put the phone down.

After getting back home, Lin Lei brought information on Kalan to Xu Cheng and said, “Brother-in-Law, it’s best to know your opponent. Here, read up on him.”

Xu Cheng just said, “It’s fine, I’m going to go take a shower.” 

“There’s no point reading that. It’s just a fight, and your brother-in-law is going to disassemble that guy’s attacks as they come, don’t worry,” Lin Guiren sipped on his tea and said while reading a newspaper. 

Xu Cheng originally didn’t want to go, but he changed my mind in order to cheer up his brothers in that group, especially Ye Xiu. That guy was pretty prideful, and Xu Cheng felt it was necessary to occasionally pump up their morale. So, he accepted the challenge. 

– Jenkins Family’s home – 

The current family leader sat on the sofa, and sitting opposite from him was a man in a noble’s attire. It was Kalan, and Mr. Jenkins politely smiled at him and asked, “Earl Kalan, how much confidence do you have in killing Xu Cheng?”

Kalan took a sip of his coffee and said, “To tell you the truth, Mr. Jenkins, if your intel on him isn’t wrong, then I have a 70% chance of killing him.”

Mr. Jenkins: “Don’t worry. He was injured just the day before yesterday. He was shot four times in the body and was barely rescued. He should still be weak right now.”

Kalan: “Then that’s for the best. This time, if it wasn’t because he was injured, I wouldn’t have stepped out to challenge him. After all, the power of someone that can bare-handedly handle a hundred royal guards is unfathomable.”

Mr. Jenkins laughed and said, “That’s for sure. Earl Kalan, if you can beat Xu Cheng this time, your place among the nobles will be at least hero-level. You don’t know how infuriating it was for everyone that day when Xu Cheng insulted all the nobles present at the party, yet no one was his opponent.”

Kalan also nodded in excitement. Fame and status were exactly what someone like him, who climbed up to the top of society from no background, needed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have agreed to Mr. Jenkins’s request.

But, he was also a bit worried. “But Mr. Jenkins, I’m just afraid that Xu Cheng won’t come tomorrow. He may try to push the fight to after he recovers, and by then, it would be awkward for me instead.”

Mr. Jenkins: “Don’t worry, I’ve already talked to those at the media, and today, before you even went, all media platforms had announced the news of this fight, and right now, the people of our country are all highly anticipating the fight. If Xu Cheng doesn’t fight tomorrow, then what he’s doing is no different than admitting that he’s the loser, and then we will have the upper hand in public opinion.”

“That would be the best.” Kalan smiled. “After I kill Xu Cheng, I hope that you, Mr. Jenkins, can keep your promise.”

Mr. Jenkins: “Of course, I will invest in you to open up a martial arts club and name it after you. We will then open up more chapters throughout England, and Terry’s media company will help promote it.”

“If that’s the case, then I will thank you in advance. I will take my leave now, we will see each other tomorrow at the arena,” Kalan said as he bowed politely.

After sending him off, Mr. Jenkins called Terry.

“Hey, it doesn’t look like this Kalan guy is too confident. He said he only has a 70% chance of winning even after Xu Cheng’s injured,” Mr. Jenkins said.

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  1. Details missing.


    Xu Cheng didn’t want to go to the appointment, but in order to cheer up those brothers in the group, especially Ye Xiu, this guy is very arrogant. From his troubles this time, he can see that Xu Cheng wants to encourage him, also I do n’t know if Yutub ’s website will broadcast this competition. It ’s necessary to boost the morale of Chinese people. It ’s still necessary for Xu Cheng to feel positive energy, so he agreed to this challenge.

    Jenkins family.

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