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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 300.2

Chapter 300: Champion of the Nation Versus World-Class Special Force (Part two)

Terry: “70% is enough. He wants fame, and we want revenge for our kids. It’s no big deal even if he loses, there’s no harm in trying.”

Mr. Jenkins: “You really think those mysterious deaths were caused by Xu Cheng?”

Terry: “He has the biggest motive for doing it. Even if it’s not him, I still don’t like seeing that kid happy. Maybe because my son hates him, I also hate him a lot. I hope this whole thing stays a secret between us two.”

Mr. Jenkins: “Of course.”

After Xu Cheng came out of the shower, he saw Lin Lei shouting in the living room, “Brother-in-Law, this Kalan guy seems to be really desperate to be famous. I don’t know how much money he spent to bribe the media companies, but almost all social and media platforms are now talking about his match with you. By the current looks of it, your reputation will take a hit if you don’t accept his challenge.”

Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “Is your injury better now? Who cares if it’s Kalan or Lanka, if you don’t want to fight, we will just fly back to Huaxia tonight or tomorrow morning.”

She knew Prince Will and the other four’s death had something to do with Xu Cheng, so she felt Xu Cheng wouldn’t be safe if he stayed, so they might as well go back to Huaxia early to save some worry. 

Xu Cheng laughed. “I can’t refuse this challenge. Kalan has some kind of feud with my brothers in the Huaxia military. Didn’t you hear what he said before he left? He asked if I dared to represent the Huaxia military. This guy’s also a soldier, and this is a battle between two soldiers, so it’s no longer just my face that’s on the line. I need to go tomorrow.”

Lin Chuxue: “I have to make sure you are fully recovered to allow you to go. Also, it’s not one of those death matches again, right?”

Xu Cheng shrugged his shoulders. “I’m not sure, we will see.”

Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes at him.

– On the next day, in Huaxia – 

Ye Xiu went to the Special Forces club early in the morning, and he also made an announcement to not just the top but also the normal special forces club.


There’s a gathering at 7 PM after dinner. All normal or high level members are welcome to attend. There will be a live-stream prepared for everyone, and it will be the fight between the Special Forces Competition National Champion versus the World-Class English Special Forces. Please arrive on time if you are attending. The video is live, so don’t regret it if you miss it.

Right after the announcement was posted, it immediately ignited the hot blood of the soldiers. This year, Xu Cheng’s championship title was well-deserved and shocked everyone. As for his performance, people would only ask to see more of it and could never get enough from watching his footage. Thinking that they would be able to watch the live-stream of him fighting a world-class special forces soldier, they all couldn’t be more excited.

Especially those that heard the gossip and knew Xu Cheng was facing the guy that humiliated the Huaxia team at the G20 competition and wrecked Ye Xiu’s cheeks. They all wanted to see how Xu Cheng would win back their pride!

Those that were close by directly dropped everything they were doing and headed towards the club.

And now, Xu Cheng had already gotten into the Lin Family’s sedan and was heading towards the arena that could seat tens of thousands of people. 

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    Lin Chuxue was very clever. He knew that the death of Prince Will’s five people must have something to do with Xu Cheng. She felt that Xu Cheng was always unsafe to stay. She wanted to go back to Xia Kingdom as soon as possible, lest she feared that the case would be overturned for retrial. .

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