Chapter 301: Hello Everyone, I’m Xu Cheng’s Wife (Part one)

Xu Cheng didn’t think that the large venue was actually completely sold out.

When he saw Kalan coming in, everyone actually stood up and cheered for him from the top of their lungs.

“Looks like this Kalan guy’s really popular in England.” Xu Cheng was a bit surprised to see this level of enthusiasm from the crowd.

Lin Lei: “He’s indeed very famous. Just recently, a few of his fighting clips went viral, and I heard he led the British special forces into the top 3 for the first time at the G20 competition, so his popularity skyrocketed after that.”

For some reason, Xu Cheng felt a bit odd seeing a soldier getting into public entertainment. Wouldn’t it give off the wrong impression and deviate from the original intent of people enlisting to serve and protect the country? 

When Xu Cheng walked towards the stage, the audience around him all booed him, and the ones closer even gave him the finger.

Some were even swearing in madness, “Go die you Asian pig, your eggs will be crushed by Kalan.”

“Just wait and see how you get insta-facked later! Hahahaha!”

“See who you are fighting! You are fighting Kalan!”



The crowd was chanting his name, and Lin Chuxue had her arm around Xu Cheng’s, providing moral support.

But who knew, some people in the audience even began shouting at Lin Chuxue, “Miss Lin, your taste is unbelievably bad.”

“Miss Lin, you will be crying later for your man, Kalan will show you what real men look like here in the British Empire.”

“Miss Lin, your man is so ugly, you probably regret being with him already.”

“Yeah, Miss Lin, how much of a trash bag your man really is will be exposed today. Just wait and see how he begs Kalan for mercy in a bit, haha.”

Hearing the trash talk, Lin Chuxue awkwardly smiled at Xu Cheng. “How are you feeling?”

Xu Cheng shrugged his shoulders. “Pretty good. Looking at the atmosphere here, Kalan did this on purpose right? Why does it feel more like a show than a fight.”

Lin Lei: “This is originally a show. The story of you insulting the Queen and nobles got spread among the citizens, and with Kalan standing out, he basically filled the hero role and became the representative of justice in these people’s hearts. Now, he became a national hero. Both the ordinary citizens and nobles are all supporting him, because after all, you are a foreigner and you also insulted the Queen who holds a high status in the hearts of the British people.”

Xu Cheng realized that Kalan was basically taking advantage of his sensitive identity as a foreigner.

Very well.

Just let that [email protected] wait and see than.

Hero of the nation? Haha! 

Xu Cheng looked around at the audience that were cheering Kalan on and thought, You guys can jump all you want right now, but in a bit, I will show you who’s the invincible existence and who’s the true monkey!

“Are you alright? I heard that the home court advantage might affect your morale,” Lin Chuxue asked, a bit concerned.

Xu Cheng smiled nonchalantly. “Don’t worry, I’m fine. The fight’s about to start. Like we said before, help me live-stream this fight to my bros, okay? Pick a good angle.”

Lin Chuxue nodded and left with Xu Cheng’s phone, and Lin Lei accompanied her and found a spot with a wide view.

In Huaxia, on a big wall, Ye Xiu already set up a giant projector, and in the hall sat all the bros from the special forces club. Some were high level members, some were ordinary level, and they all sat down with  soldiers’ postures on the floor. 

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