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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 302.1

Chapter 302: I Can Only Do So Much for You (Part one)

When Lin Chuxue finally showed her beautiful face in front of the camera, she took the phone back and turned the stream back to the stage.

On the other side, the guys were all discontent. “Goddess, let’s not watch the game anymore, can you just stream yourself singing?”

Ye Xiu and the others all felt they suffered a critical hit.

“No wonder Lin Chuxue never attends gatherings in the entertainment world nor gets close to other male stars. It’s even said that her kiss scenes are basically nonexistent, it turned out that she was already taken. This facking Xu Cheng, not only is he so powerful, how the fack does he have a high enough EQ to be able to land such a goddess! I’m so handsome yet I’m still single, where is the fairness in that!” Ye Xiu exclaimed as he looked up at the ceiling.

“Holy crap, the military is already the campground for single dogs, yet now we got Xu Cheng flaunting his love here. I’m very angry,” Bagh said.

Hu Bing munched on some sunflower seeds as he casually replied, “Don’t worry, Big Brother Cheng’s coming back soon. You can say that to his face and try to teach him a lesson.”

Bagh: “Do you still think I’m the same Bagh from half a month ago?”

Hu Bing: “Then just challenge him to a fight after he gets back.”

Bagh gritted his teeth. “Let me tell you, I’ve been waiting for this opportunity.”

Hu Bing: “Then just wait until he’s back.”

Bagh: “Who’s scared of who?! Let’s first see how he matches up against Kalan. I’ve fought Kalan before.”

The other soldiers all gathered around. “How is he? Is he really strong?”

Bagh nodded. “Very. But I could still put up a fight. That guy is indeed quite talented, but he’s just a little too racist and was always mocking us. That’s why Ye Xiu got triggered and fell into his trap.”

Ye Xiu bitterly smiled and shook his head. “The difference in strength was still too big, so there’s really nothing I could do when I got humiliated. But I’m indeed really pissed, and if we weren’t using empty-shell bullets at that time, I would’ve shot and killed him!”

Wang An also bitterly smiled. “When you lose, it’s indeed useless to say anything. This is the consequence the loser must bear.” 

Ye Xiu looked at the screen and said as he gritted his teeth, “I hope Old Xu can beat that guy up. He’s basically the last card we have.”

On the screen, Kalan went up on stage.

The audience all stood up, applauding and cheering.

“Kalan, go and get that monkey!”

“Kalan, show him how powerful British men are!”

“Tear this rude monkey apart!”

The cussing would’ve fit right in back at the Colosseum in the Middle Ages. When Xu Cheng went up on stage, the cheering immediately turned into booing.

And among the booing, there was only cheering from Lin Lei and Lin Chuxue, “Xu Cheng, get him!”

Kalan placed his finger beside his mouth, and the crowd immediately quieted down. It was as if he was the protagonist here.

Kalan pointed at Xu Cheng, looked at everyone in the audience seats, and said, “This one standing in front of everyone, do you know who he is?”

The audience was drawing a blank.

Kalan: “He’s a soldier of Huaxia, and I heard he’s also a champion of their country’s special forces competition.”

The audience were a bit shocked, and they immediately felt that the fight was going to be more interesting to watch.

“Kalan, KO him!”

“Beat him up!”

“Defeat Huaxia’s champion, you can show them that our soldiers are stronger than those of Huaxia!”


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  1. Empty barrels make the loudest noise…Kalan, let’s see what you’ve got

  2. Missing sentence.


    A bunch of soldiers here were unwilling: “Goddess, we don’t want to watch any games, you can sing live.”

    A bunch of soldiers were happy: “Yeah, there is no human nature for the opposite sex, so let’s start with your new album before the competition.”

    Ye Xiu and others said that they received infinite crit in their hearts.

    (Note: In the cussing they often scream “kill him!” and the like.)

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