Chapter 303: Completely Impossible to Defend Against (Part one)

Then, those nobles that were insulted before by Xu Cheng came into the arena, one after another. Terry, Jenkins, and the others all found seats and sat down to watch Xu Cheng.

In order to cheer Kalan on, Terry announced on the spot, “If Earl Kalan wins, I will create a bronze statue for him to commemorate this day, and also at the same time warn the other nations to not underestimate the masters here in Britain!”

The crowd immediately applauded, thinking that Terry was very generous.

Kalan’s eyes lit up. Having a bronze statue meant his name could actually pass down for ages, and he was obviously very tempted! Besides, this Xu Cheng guy indeed insulted the nobles at the Platinum palace, and with that as the background story, if Kalan could defeat Xu Cheng today, he could definitely boast for the rest of his life. He wouldn’t be a lesser known legend than Yip Man, and there may even be movies made about him. Damn, he was getting a bit hard just thinking about it.

He really felt like he could very soon rise to the next level and reach the peak of life and then marry a pretty girl with an awesome background. 

Xu Cheng looked at the boiling crowd and grinned. “Really? I’m not really a big character, why does it look like everyone wants to kill me.”

Kalan: “You don’t know how much you infuriated them by insulting the Queen yet? Besides, you also took away the Rose of Britain. It would be weird if people didn’t hate you.”

Xu Cheng looked at him. “How do you want to play?”

Kalan scanned the crowd and said, “You see as well, so many people came, so the fight is happening for sure, and it’s not going to be one where one guy just simply knocks the other one out. Do you know what I mean?”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes. “Death match?”

Kalan nodded. He immediately shouted at the audience, “Don’t you all want to see a traditional death match?”

The so-called death match was basically where one side was allowed to leave only after the other side was dead!

Everyone raised their fists and began chanting, “Death match! Death match!”

Lin Chuxue’s face immediately changed as she wanted to get up and go to Xu Cheng, but she was pulled back by Lin Lei.

“Sis, you won’t be able to drag my brother-in-law away. Didn’t you see, this was already planned by Kalan. He purposely hyped up this whole match, and what happened at Platinum Palace was also spread out by the media to incite the masses. Otherwise, why do you think so many people came to watch?”

Lin Chuxue finally felt something was off.

Lin Lei continued, “Now, the patriotic side of the masses has already been ignited, and the only way to calm them down is seeing Kalan kill Brother-in-law. Now, if Brother-in-law were to try to leave, the audience wouldn’t let him.”

Lin Chuxue looked at Terry and the others in the VIP rooms with glass windows, and she quietly said, “Those few are probably also a part of this, right?”

“Of course,” Lin Lei snorted. “Those guys all think that their sons’ deaths has something to do with Brother-in-law, but they couldn’t find any evidence nor dare do anything out of line to him. After all, with my brother-in-law’s identity, they are also scared of causing diplomatic disputes. Therefore, they found a tool, a “hero”. Kalan’s a martial artist, Xu Cheng’s also one, so a duel between the two wouldn’t cause any problems.”

Lin Chuxue finally realized. “No wonder, I was just thinking why a challenger showed up so fast. It turns out that these guys knew Xu Cheng’s going back to Huaxia. So despicable!”

Lin Lei said nonchalantly, “I believe that my brother-in-law can beat him!”

On the stage, Kalan began to warm up.

He warmed up as he said, “I know you are injured, and I admire you for daring to show up despite your injury.”

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