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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 304.1

Chapter 304: Who Else? (Part one)

Disclaimer: The author is a bit patriotic, so let’s just focus more on the story than who’s from which nation. Just think that you are from Huaxia for a day. 

Seeing Kalan charging at him, Xu Cheng clenched his fist and suddenly roared. 

He was too lazy to dodge or use some technique. He just directly stepped forward and hurled his fist towards the kick that Kalan threw over!


Everyone at the venue wanted to see who would come out from this sudden and violent clash, and Lin Chuxue’s heart also throbbed. 

The J of Diamonds saw that Xu Cheng was going to go head on against Kalan, and he wasn’t really optimistic about the outcome. “This isn’t a wise move. Kalan striked first, so he’s going to have a stronger momentum. It’s best if Xu Cheng avoids the sharpest edge first and then strikes back.”

The 8 of Diamonds: “Nope. If the difference in power is this vast, there’s no need to dodge. Just like when you face the Division Master, it doesn’t matter when you strike first from the back or front, he doesn’t need to dodge at all and can still easily defeat you.”

The J of Diamonds: “Now that’s no fun comparing Xu Cheng to that monster Division Master. Our Division Master is just another rare species, Xu Cheng’s probably more like me than the Division Master, and that’s why I’m pointing out the areas he can improve on.”

Just as he finished saying that, he saw Xu Cheng’s fist colliding with Kalan’s leg. At that instant moment of impact, Kalan’s leg immediately became broken and formed a 90 degrees angle. That scene was even painful to watch.

“AH!” Kalan miserably cried, and his leg immediately lost control. Kalan just felt like something was dangling down from his trousers, swaying back and forth.

But, Xu Cheng’s punch didn’t end there. Carrying the momentum, he changed the direction of his fist and it directly slammed into Kalan’s chest. Then, the whole spinal cord area on Kalan’s back bulged up as the audience heard a loud cracking sound.


Kalan directly spat out a mouthful of blood. Xu Cheng’s suppressed anger was explosively vented out. Maybe it was because more of his genes were waking up, his power seemed to be able to increase to 30 times, capable of delivering 3 tons of force. If it wasn’t because his fist wasn’t sharp, Kalan’s chest probably would’ve been penetrated by Xu Cheng’s terrifying punch!

But even so, Kalan’s rib cage was completely shattered, and along with the brutal force, even his spinal cord was deformed. The sharp broken pieces of his spinal cord even pierced through his skin and clothes, and it was terrifying to watch as the bones even poked out from the back, along with blood dripping down.

Then, Kalan’s entire body flew up into the air by the huge impact and landed against the wall, and people could hear the sound of bone shattering when Kalan’s head collided against the wall by the huge momentum.

When he landed on the ground, Kalan, who was still quite alive just a second ago, had became a corpse with blood slowly seeping out.

The whole crowd became silent!

The soldiers watching the stream also had their mouths wide open, and under the silence, they could hear each other swallowing spittle.

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  1. ThatGuy

    Thanks. I think this level of patriotism is acceptable.

    • noodletowntranslated

      haha thanks man, well we did try to tone it down a bit when translating too

      • Please don’t, just let it how the author wanted no matter how racistic it is. You should stay true to the authors wish.

        (Also this level of racism (patriotism) is really acceptable)

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