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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 305.1

Chapter 305: Comparing with Xu Cheng? The Pressure is Too Great! (Part one)

Such a roar caused the audience that was already very disappointed to not even know how to retaliate anymore.

Especially Terry and the other nobles, they were deeply shocked by the devil-like look Xu Cheng gave them, and they were terrified, with their hearts jumping up to their throats. 

Originally, Lin Chuxue felt that the stream should be over now so she whispered to the phone, “It’s almost done, I will turn off the stream now.”

But, the soldiers on the other end immediately became anxious.

“Wait, no, no, Sis-in-Law of Brother Cheng, if you are tired then tell someone beside you to hold the phone for you. I want to see Brother Cheng give those people a lesson.”

“Yeah, Sis-in-Law, don’t be in a rush to turn off the stream first, I feel like something’s still going to happen. I can clearly feel that Big Brother Cheng’s anger has not subsided yet.”

Lin Chuxue saw the messages from the guy handling the stream so she gave the phone to Lin Lei and had him help hold it.

Xu Cheng looked at the audience around and said, “I know you people hate me because the Rose of Britain is my wife, and that’s understandable since I basically robbed you of your goddess. But, I just want to say, I got her to be my wife with my own abilities, and no one forced anyone because love is a two-way street. A lot of you are more handsome than me yet don’t have the guts to court her, and those with guts aren’t as handsome as me, and those with guts and are also more handsome than me don’t have my level of capabilities to protect her. So, I don’t owe you anything. If you still can’t accept the fact, then you can come on up.”Lin Chuxue mumbled, “This guy’s really too shameless.”

On the other side of the stream, everyone burst out into laughter. Although far away, with the speakers and Xu Cheng’s naturally-loud voice, they heard it all. 

“Man, Old Xu’s skin’s thickness, how come I never noticed it before? Back when I dragged him into joining our Top club, he was still playing hard-to-get and it was as if we were begging him to join or something. I didn’t know he could actually be this shameless,” Ye Xiu laughed.

Bagh: “But now, he indeed is qualified for us to beg him to join.”

Wang An: “Yeah, he probably wouldn’t be participating in the 36th Army Competition next year. I mean, he probably would be too high level to join. But that’s for the best, or else he’s just going to take the champion spot every year, what would be the point for us playing?”

Ye Xiu: “Our ranks have almost reached the top too, we should give the rookies more chances next year as well.”

The other top 10 elites all nodded and agreed. “Yeah, participating in it three times is enough.”

Ye Xiu looked at Hu Bing and grinned. “If you can’t get a decent score next year, don’t even think about joining TOP.” 

Hu Bing: “I actually don’t mind if I join or not, but the point is, holy fack, the amount of pressure I’m under right now is too great.”

Bagh laughed. “I would feel it too if I were you. I think all the members of your team will be under a lot of pressure next year. Haha, after getting solo-carried to first place this year, if you guys end up last place next year, you will probably be dissed to death.”

The other people all looked at Hu Bing with sympathy. If nothing went wrong, he would probably be the person that takes Xu Cheng’s spot next year. Now, Xu Cheng’s level of prestige was way high up there. Not to mention the 5th MR, military regions all around the nation now knew about him. Almost everyone that had seen his highlight reel had become his admirer, and the 5th MR even worshipped him like a god. 

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    Everyone else looked at Hu Bing hardly. If he hadn’t guessed wrong, he would be the person who would take the seat of Xucheng next year. Now the prestige of Xucheng in the Fifth Military Region is very high, not to mention the Fifth Military Region, which is really the national military region. There is no one who does not know Xu Cheng, who has basically seen his personal battle highlights admiring him. As the fifth military region of his family, he has shown him something like a god. He has no confidence in speaking in the forum, even if he is against other military regions. Squirting, as soon as Xu Cheng’s name was involved, people immediately recognized it. This is a deterrent!

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