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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 305.2

Chapter 305: Comparing with Xu Cheng? The Pressure is Too Great! (Part two)

So, as someone taking Xu Cheng’s place next year, Hu Bing would be under quite a lot of stress. 

“But that’s also for the best. Under pressure, you guys won’t slack during training, and I’m optimistic about your team’s performance next year. In order to not humiliate the hard-won first place, everyone in the 5th MR would probably work hard to not let him down,” Ye Xiu said.

Hu Bing nodded. “Next year, I want to get into the top 10.”

Bagh rolled his eyes at him. “So not ambitious.”

Back at the venue, Xu Cheng concluded, “If you are even going to look for excuses when chasing after a woman, you are all a bunch of trash!”

In the audience row, the J of Diamonds was speechless. “This brat is really not scared of throwing more s--t at the fan.”

Bei Shan sighed. “He had been holding back for a long time. He lived under the Lin Family’s roof and liked Miss Lin but couldn’t express it for so long. Do you know that kind of feeling? Almost the whole nation’s men were calling him a peasant that’s not worthy of Lin Chuxue’s love, and some people even threw eggs at him, telling him to go back to Huaxia. He had been holding all of this for a long time now.”

The 8 of Diamonds: “Junior Brother obviously is a man with a story, just like me. But how come I’m still single? I need to go to the bar later and find some woman to tell my story to.”

It looked like the audience that was instigated by Xu Cheng couldn’t take it anymore and were about to stand up!

Immediately, Jenkins signaled one of his men that was sitting in the audience row to try to add oil to the fire. The guy nodded and immediately stood up. “I can’t listen to this anymore! I don’t know how you guys are feeling, but I’ve had enough of this guy! Is everyone’s hearts already numb? Let’s go down and just trample him to death already!”

His voice was very abrupt, and everyone at the quiet venue heard it. Then everyone looked over at him.

He sure sounded heroic, at least to himself, but when he saw everyone’s dumbfounded look and how no one stood up, he almost could see a flock of crows fly over his head, and he almost died from the awkwardness.

Xu Cheng smiled, and then he pointed at the guy and said, “You. Yeah, you, the one that’s standing up. Come, you can come on down. You want to take my wife away from me? Come on, I accept your challenge!”

That underling of Jenkins immediately paled, and he swallowed his spittle as his mouth immediately spread into a big bitter smile. “I just saw that the atmosphere was a bit tense and wanted to make it a bit more lively. Don’t take me seriously. Oh damn, I got to go to work now, I will take my leave first.”

Then, he just ran for the door.

Xu Cheng looked at Mr. Jenkins and asked, “I remember your family’s in the oil business, right?”

Jenkins looked at Xu Cheng. “What is it that you want?”

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  1. Missing sentence.


    Hu Bing nodded: “I want to rush into the top 10 next year.”

    Bag glared at him: “Nothing!”

    Hu Bing smiled bitterly: “If I have the strength of Brother Cheng, Lao Tzu carried it with his gun, but you also have to know that there is only one Xu Cheng in the entire military region at the moment. Look at him? Look at your sister. The second place this year is directly empty? What does this mean? The second place is not eligible to be aligned with him! “

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