Chapter 306: Domineering (Part one)

Xu Cheng smiled and then said to Lin Lei, “Toss me my phone.”

Lin Lei took out Xu Cheng’s phone from his pocket and threw it over, and Xu Cheng caught it and dialed Haber.

The call went through and an excited voice came from the other end. “Haha, my friend, I really didn’t think you would give me a call.”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “Mr. Haber, I heard that your Middle East has the largest export of oil in the world.”

Haber laughed wholeheartedly. “Yeah, my Haber Family would never be modest when it comes to that. Yeah, that’s right!”

Xu Cheng: “Then if I tell you to pick up another client to sell your oil to, would it difficult for you?”

Haber: “That will depend on whether we are dealing on a government or private sector level.”

Xu Cheng: “Private. There’s a fuel company that operates in Europe named Shell, and it had given a right of agency to the Jenkins Family in Britain. I’m just curious, with your power as a dominant supplier, do you have the ability to negotiate with Shell to get them to revoke the agency of that family’s company?”

Haber laughed. “If it was someone else that called me and made that request, I would’ve rejected them for sure. But since my little brother, you, asked this of me, I think I can do this for you. But, you owe me a favor.”

Xu Cheng: “Sure, as long as it’s not killing people, doing harm to society, or breaching my bottomline, anything’s fine.”

Haber: “Definitely not. I just hope that one day when I’m in danger, you can come over upon request and save my life. I heard what you did back at the black market, and I feel much more assured handing my life to you than those private mercenaries. You know as well, for people like us that have nothing but money, our safety is our biggest priority.”

Xu Cheng smiled. “It’s a deal then.”

Haber: “Alright, I will take care of your request right away, just give me 10 minutes.”

In the future, Haber would come to realize how much this deal was worth to him. It also became his trump card that made him untouchable in the Middle East!

Xu Cheng: “Then I will hang up now.”

After hanging up, Xu Cheng smiled and said to Jenkins, “Remember to take your call in a bit.”

Jenkins snorted, not knowing what Xu Cheng was up to.

Then, looking over at Terry, he said, “Mr. Terry, it’s best for a person to consider his own strength before offending others. Some people shouldn’t be offended, so it would be best if you don’t piss them off.”

Terry replied in disdain, “Are you talking about yourself? You are saying that in my nation, in my territory? I might have considered those words if I was in Huaxia, but here, you are still overestimating yourself.”

“Oh, really?” Xu Cheng looked at him. “Have you been able to retrieve the stolen relic yet?”

Terry’s face changed drastically, “What did you say?”

Xu Cheng shouted towards Lin Lei again, “Toss that pair of diamond brawler’s gloves onto the stage.”

Lin Lei nodded, took it out of his bag, and tossed it down.

When Terry saw that pair of brawler’s gloves, his whole face paled. 

“You!” He looked at Xu Cheng, terrified and not able to utter a full sentence. 

Xu Cheng said nonchalantly, “28 guards plus a retired veteran of the 5th District, yet you still couldn’t protect the cultural relics. Think about it, if the thief wants you dead, do you think anywhere in Britain is safe?”

That sentence directly hit Terry’s head like a nuclear explosion and he directly shot up from his seat, “It was you!”

Xu Cheng laughed and continued, “I don’t know if those old friends of yours from the Sonora Family had come to haunt you in your dreams yet for getting them killed.”

Terry’s azz directly sunk back down to his seat and his whole body began to tremble. He obviously knew that the Sonora Family had already been wiped out of existence at the black market. It was all because he told them to intercept his relics for him, but in the end, he only got the news that the leader of the Sonora Family, who was his old friend, was killed at his own house. He was quite shocked and terrified, and at that moment, he felt regretful and decided to not pursue it anymore. Even an infamous gang leader died due to this, so a businessman like him with no power in the underworld definitely couldn’t play with that thief at all.

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