Chapter 307: Threat (Part one)

Jenkins was furious. He directly grabbed the phone out of Terry’s hand and shouted, “Are you crazy? Are you really that scared of him?”

Terry was already sweating out of his forehead. “If you are not afraid, then why are you afraid of me announcing the change your company is going to go through?”

Jenkins was furious. “Do you know how severe of a blow your news would deal to my company’s stocks?”

Terry: “I know, but in comparison to my life, your life and death has nothing to do with me!”

Jenkins pushed him away. “I won’t facking let you make this call. What is that guy going to do? Kill you or something?”

Terry immediately charged over and tried to grab his phone back. “That’s right, he’s going to kill me. You don’t know the kind of things he already did, just stop fighting him already. If you go against him, you are only going to die a gruesome death, got that? Give me my phone!”

Jenkins: “I don’t facking believe you. Listen to me, don’t make this call. Let me sell my shares first and then go and make a trip to Shell’s HQ to get the agency right back. I promise I will help you get rid of this guy.”

Terry’s pupils enlarged. “Are you facking crazy! Let me tell you, the relic that I stole previously was stolen from me, and the world-class mercenary I hired died a horrifying death. Do you know whose brawlers’ gloves Xu Cheng just took out? Those are Charles’s! He was killed by him! All my relics were stolen, and to get them back, I facking made a deal with the leader of the Sonora Family of the black market. I gave him 20 million to intercept those relics, but did you know? In that process, the leader of the Sonora Family was killed at his home, and the entire Sonora Family was wiped off the map! He couldn’t even protect himself in his territory, do you think that little mansion and those guards of yours could protect you? Don’t fight him anymore. I have no choice.”

Then, Terry immediately gestured for his assistant to give him another phone and dialed the company’s deputy president. 

Jenkins was really anxious as he directly pounced over, trying to grab that phone as well. But he was kicked aside by Terry’s bodyguard.

The moment the call connected, Terry immediately commanded, “Use all the resources available, I need you to let out one piece of news, the Jenkins Family screwed up their relationship with the Shell Corporation and will now lose the right of agency. This is not a rumor, you will soon receive the official update from Shell.”

Jenkins: “Nooo!”

After hanging up, Terry took a deep breath and said to Xu Cheng, “Are you satisfied now?”

Jenkins directly ran down, crossed the fence, and got in front of Xu Cheng. He said with a dark face, “Let me tell you, if my company suffers any losses, I’m going to kill you!”

Xu Cheng said with an expressionless face. “Are you threatening me?”

“That’s right!” Jenkins directly said, “Even Lin Guiren wouldn’t be able to save you. Mr. Xu, let me tell you, you have gotten in the way of my money, so don’t think about leaving this country again. Who’s able to do anything to me if I make you evaporate off the face of the earth? This is one of the perks of being a noble! If you are scared now, I don’t care who you called before, I command you to change everything back to the way it was and give me back the right of agency. Worse comes to worst, I will drag you to hell with me!”

“Are you even qualified?” Xu Cheng sneered. “Past today, your company with 10 billion market value will face suspension, and besides what you have in your savings, you will lose everything. You want to drag me down to hell with you? Are you even qualified? Mr. Jenkins, to be honest, I’ve never seen you as a threat. But if you really want to play with me, I don’t mind!”

Mr. Jenkins narrowed his eyes. “Young man, you still don’t know the dark side of capitalism, so I suggest you don’t piss me off.”

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