Chapter 308: Holy Crap! (Part one)

Jenkins roared out of anger, “Then what about him killing my son?!”

Xu Cheng nonchalantly replied, “If people don’t provoke me, I won’t provoke them. If people provoke me, I will make them pay ten times more! Just how pathetic are you guys? Five big families tried to team up to screw over the Lin Family, your sons wanted to take my wife, and you guys also want to take over the Lin Corporation for the Asian market that Mr. Lin was able to open up, right? What a great plan, both father and son could benefit from this. But, Mr. Jenkins, when you guys were doing this, have you ever thought that what you were doing was wrong? Don’t you know how immoral it is to have eyes on someone else’s wife? Besides, you might’ve been able to bully others, but why would you want to lay your eyes on my wife? You have no one else to blame but yourself. Even if God comes, I would still screw with you.” 

Jenkins moved the gun closer to Xu Cheng’s head and acted tough. “There’s no need for God to come, I can facking kill you right now!”

Ye Xiu: “Old Xu sure has big balls, he’s so calm even with a gun to his head!”

Bagh: “I’m scared that this guy really is going to shoot.”

Hu Bing: “If he was going to, then he would’ve done it already rather than wait until now. He probably wants to bargain with Big Brother Xu.”

Jenkins indeed had no choice. The thing with cancelling the right of agency couldn’t be hidden from the public anymore, so the only way to save his company was to get it back. In order to do that, he had to go to the source of the problem, and that was why he had no choice but to risk everything and threaten Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng looked at Jenkins and faintly said, “Then what are you waiting for? Shoot!”

Jenkins’s face was grim. “You really think I won’t?”

Xu Cheng: “Then do it!”

Jenkins moved his finger and looked as if he was going to pull the trigger, and Bei Shan and the other two Diamond cards walked down with Lin Lei. (TL Note: holy fack they are soooo useless dooooo something!)

Lin Lei directly shouted, “Mr. Jenkins, don’t bring shame to the nobles! You know what kind of impact you would have on the relationship between two countries with what you are doing right now? You have a big influence in Great Britain, and my brother-in-law also does in Huaxia. You are even thinking about pulling the trigger? Do you know what kind of difficult situation you are making for Britain’s government?”

Jenkins: “Is this the first day you’ve known me? Little brat, go and do some research on how I managed to climb to where I am today. Humph! Back then, you were still in your diapers! Don’t overestimate yourself just because you are all grown up now.”

Xu Cheng was still pretty calm. “Why are you still talking so much? If you have the balls, just shoot already. After I’m dead, you won’t be able to save your company, and you will also start a big conflict between the two countries. You would be finished if things progress to that stage.”

Jenkins: “I still have a few hundred million dollars in assets. There are just too many countries in this world that’s willing to let me take shelter there. Is this your first time out in the real world? Don’t you know that most countries out there are all based on capitalism? As long as you have the money, there will be countries out there that’s willing to take you in.”

Xu Cheng: “Then pull the trigger.”

Jenkins gritted his teeth. “You want to die?”

Xu Cheng: “I don’t, but I just want to see if you have the balls to shoot or not. You are even scared of your company going bankrupt, I don’t believe that you don’t fear death. You really think you can run after you kill me? Let me tell you, with the seriousness of being wanted by a big country like Huaxia, who would dare to shelter you?”

Jenkins: “The M Nation dares!”

Xu Cheng: “Then cut the crap and just shoot already.”

Jenkins: “I will give you one more chance. Do you want to die or give me back the right of agency?”

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