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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 308.2

Chapter 308: Holy Crap! (Part two)

Xu Cheng: “I already told you, I won’t give it back to you, nor do I want to die.”

Jenkins was furious, but immediately, he got an idea. He suddenly pointed his gun at Lin Chuxue. “Alright! You have a sensitive identity so I can’t shoot you, I can still kill her! Do you believe me? At most, I would just be a normal wanted criminal rather than an internationally wanted one. Now, there will be a lot more countries that are willing to take me in. Now, I don’t believe that you can still remain this indifferent!”

Seeing the gun pointed at her, Lin Chuxue’s body shivered a little.

“Jenkins, I’m going to facking kill you right now if you dare to hurt my sis!” Lin Lei directly charged over.

But before he could come close, he saw Xu Cheng already blocking in front of Lin Chuxue, so he continued to hold the phone to stream.

Looking at Jenkins, Xu Cheng’s eyes flashed a chilling murderous intent!

“Nervous now?” Jenkins sneered. “Now, can we talk?”

“No need.” Xu Cheng’s face was cold. “You’ve completely drained my patience.”

Then, he took a step forward.

Jenkins wasn’t scared at all, and he continued to point at him and said, “If you take another step forward, don’t blame me for pulling the trigger. I swear I will!”

Xu Cheng took another step forward.

Jenkins’s eyelids jumped. “You really think I don’t dare to shoot?”

Xu Cheng took another step.

“No! Xu Cheng!” Lin Chuxue suddenly dragged Xu Cheng’s arms back and pleaded, “It’s fine, just negotiate with him.”

“No!” Xu Cheng said with emphasis. “If this happens and sets a precedent, then everyone will dare to threaten me with your safety! So, I won’t allow that!”

On the side, the J of Diamonds was getting anxious. “Junior Brother’s too stubborn, this isn’t good.”

The 8 of Diamonds nodded. “Yeah, you can go against anyone but just don’t go against bullets. He’s not like the Division Master who can catch bullets with his bare hands even though he already over a hundred years old.”

Bei Shan paused for a moment and thought of something. “Oh right, you mentioned the Division Master’s speed. That reminded me. Do you still remember the test that the Division Master used to try us? He asked how many moves he could see.”

The J of Diamonds nodded. “Yeah, and to be honest, I think I just saw 3 moves and that was all.”

The 8 of Diamonds: “I couldn’t see anything. The Division Master just stood before me, and I asked when he was starting, and he said he was already done, and I was just like, what the actual fack.”

Bei Shan: “If we can see through his moves, that would mean our speed with hands and brain have caught up to his pace.”

The J and 8 of Diamonds looked at him in confusion. “Senior Brother, what do you want to say?”

Bei Shan swallowed his spittle and continued, “I asked Xu Cheng before, and he said he could see at least 20 moves.”

The J and 8 of Diamonds narrowed their eyes.

“Senior Brother, are you sure?”

And then with a loud bam!”

“Ah! Xu Cheng!” Behind him came Lin Chuxue’s worrisome voice. 

The others all looked over in shock and saw that Jenkins really pulled the trigger with the gun aiming at Xu Cheng’s head. 

But, not knowing when it happened, they saw that Xu Cheng had made a fist in front of his head already. 

Jenkins’s eyes were wide open when he saw that Xu Cheng didn’t fall down. He was quite shocked.

But, at the next moment, as Xu Cheng loosened his fist, a bullet fell to the ground.

Everyone dumbfoundedly looked as the scene unfold!

Through the stream, over hundreds of soldiers’ eyes almost popped out upon seeing this.

At last, they all exclaimed in unison, “Holy crap!”

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