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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 310.1

Chapter 310: The Cancer That Likes to Toss About (Part one)

On the way back home, Xu Cheng saw Lin Chuxue not saying anything, so he spoke, “You are not going to ask what happened in there?”

Lin Chuxue shook his head. “You have your reasons for doing what you did. I know that you won’t do anything that will hurt me, and that’s enough. As for the other things, I don’t need to know. However, just remember, half of your life belongs to me, so you don’t have the right to risk your life and leave me first. You got it?”

Then, Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng solemnly and said, “I know your background isn’t simple, and I also know what you will have to face in the future. So, I won’t ask anything from you, I just need you to be safe, got it?”

Xu Cheng looked back at Lin Chuxue, a bit touched. He nodded and replied, “Okay.”

When they got home, just as they walked in the door, they could hear Lin Guiren scolding someone, “I told you, Benjamin, nothing you say will change my mind. Alright, I won’t argue with you about this anymore. Just leave my house now.”

Then, they saw Benjamin immediately getting up from the sofa, a bit angry and annoyed, “Brother-in-Law, let my sis come out and let me talk to her.”

Lin Guiren: “No need, Benjamin, right now the company is officially undergoing restructuring. All relatives will leave the company. This is non-negotiable.”

Lin Chuxue saw Benjamin and called, “Uncle?”

Benjamin immediately smiled when he saw Lin Chuxue. “Oh, Chuxue’s here! Come and try to talk to your dad, I’ve been doing well at my job yet I was suddenly asked to leave the company. Why? He did have a fall out with my dad, but I wasn’t involved, right? So why drag me into this?”

Lin Guiren’s face became darker. “Don’t drag my kids into this. Let me tell you, you, Benjamin, you must leave! Because the biggest cancer is you!” 

Benjamin’s face changed upon hearing this. “Lin Guiren, what do you mean by this?”

Lin Guiren: “You know very well what I mean. In the past, I let you into the purchasing department because you are my brother-in-law, but look at what you did over the past years! How much rebate did you take in?!”
He said as he picked up the pile of bills and threw it onto Benjamin, “Look at the budget you asked the company to give you every year, and look at the quality of raw materials you purchased! However, you never reported to me about the decline in quality, and ultimately, the company’s product quality had also been plummeting. I can already barely overlook this, but I can understand that you are not skilled. However, I definitely can’t forgive you for taking 10 million euros to help outsiders stink up our company’s reputation!”

Benjamin’s face immediately flashed a hint of awkwardness. “Please give me another chance!”

Lin Guiren: “Benjamin, I know that my father-in-law took away all the shares and you and your other sisters couldn’t get much, but that’s none of my business. You can go to him yourself to ask for money, but my company really won’t be able to take you in anymore. You can go and try your luck at other companies.”

Benjamin was furious. “This is not fair, Brother-in-Law! Originally, everyone had a share of the company, and everyone contributed to the success of the company. You can’t just ditch us after you received the funds. This is unethical!”

Lin Guiren: “Do I need you to teach me? The amount of money that went into your pocket unethically over the years is enough for you to retire. You shouldn’t push your luck. I can swear on my family’s life that I’ve never treated my wife’s side of the family unfairly, yet I did give you guys more than enough power to one day throw me under the bus! Don’t think that I don’t know about how your old man was instigated by others to help drag this company down, and then he would be able to collude with the other bosses to swallow this company’s shares and make it not named after my last name Lin anymore!”

Benjamin: “That has nothing to do with me!”

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  1. Note: Benjamin is mentioned as a middle-aged man.

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