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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 311.1

Chapter 311: The Loser Will Eat S--t (Part One)

Xu Cheng looked at Lin Guiren and said, “Dad, let’s go to the storage.”

Lin Guiren disagreed, “These rocks were all purchased by that b-----d, so he knows very well how much each costs. How are you going to play with him?”

Benjamin: “Brother-in-Law, don’t they have you to tell him the prices?”

Benjamin was getting anxious. This was his strength, and if he could really win, he would be able to stay in the company. Originally, he did want to ditch the sinking ship for some quick cash, but now that the company was back alive, only idiots would leave. To him, Xu Cheng’s challenge was basically a chance for him to get back into the company. 

“Dad, it’s fine,” Xu Cheng assured Lin Guiren.

Lin Guiren finally turned around to go downstairs, leading everyone to the storage room and turning on the lights.

On the shelves, there were boxes of raw and refined materials, big and small.

After going in, Xu Cheng scanned around with his penetrating vision, and he was a bit disappointed. He had also seen raw jade before, but it seems like the ones in this room weren’t top-notch, with a lot of worthless material containing only a little bit of actual jade. However, to those that couldn’t see into the interior of the rocks, they obviously wouldn’t know the values of these rocks. They could only estimate the price based on knowledge and experience revolving the raw materials’ weight and appearance.

“Dad, how much did these goods cost?”

Lin Guiren glared at Benjamin. “From purchase to delivery, the couple dozen tons of raw materials here cost probably a few hundreds of millions.”

Lin Chuxue explained to Xu Cheng, “If you buy refined materials, people will directly mark the price and the margin on the jewelry made from refined materials is transparent and rather small, unless you can get a famous designer to create limited edition products and create some hype. However, limited edition means the sales volume will be low, so in order to earn more money, there’s a norm in the industry to gamble on raw materials. For instance, if you buy a raw piece for 500 thousand dollars and you are able to get a piece of jade that’s worth 5 million, then the transparent price tag for that will be 5 million. Then, if you get some designer to work on it, it’s possible to raise the value to 8 million or even 10. You can see how profitable this is. This is why Uncle spent over ten years learning how to identify raw stones.”

Xu Cheng understood, but he indeed mockingly sneered, “But the risk is, if the stuff inside those raw stones are worthless, then Dad, those hundreds of millions of euros of yours will basically be gone then, right?”

Lin Guiren nodded. “At least over a couple dozen millions went into his own pocket. The water is deep, and with more and more experience over the years, he learned to play more tricks and pocket more money.”

Benjamin replied nonchalantly, “Don’t wrong others if you don’t have evidence. Alright, I’m not here to listen to your criticism. Xu Cheng, let’s each pick out three rocks. I will stay if I win, and I will leave if I lose.”

Xu Cheng: “Okay.”

Benjamin directly went over to pick out the three rocks that were the most expensive when he bought them. Some raw stones could be checked for transparency by shining a strong light at it, and the rocks would also be weighed. Taking these two and other factors into account, one could estimate the quality and quantity of jade inside the rock. However, it is also possible that even if the transparency, weight, and size matches the golden ratios, there will be nothing inside. However, with those few criterias, the estimated price could be set for the rock.

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