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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 311.2

Chapter 311: The Loser Will Eat S--t (Part Two)

Some raw stones would be hyped up to millions even before processing, and the higher the price tag, the more likely there’s going to be good jade inside. However, there are also people that went bankrupt on bad bets. 

Benjamin immediately grabbed the three rocks that he thought had the best shot.

Lin Guiren: “You bought all of these stones, you obviously know which one has a higher chance to contain jade!”

Lin Chuxue: “Yeah!”

Benjamin shamelessly replied, “Let me repeat, this was proposed by Xu Cheng, I didn’t force him. I already said, in this field, Xu Cheng’s still not qualified to challenge me, and I’m just testing him. Didn’t you say that you want him to be responsible for purchasing raw materials for the company after he goes back to Huaxia? You are going to trust him before he had even proven himself?”

Xu Cheng waved his hand. “It’s alright. Being experienced in stone-gambling doesn’t mean that you will always get the best stones. If these experiences were useful, then there wouldn’t be so many experienced people still screwing up and ending up killing themselves.”

Then, Xu Cheng scanned the stones around, and he picked up a stone that was just the size of his hand.

Lin Lei was speechless. “Brother-in-Law, the ones Uncle picked are so big. Even if he can’t get green jade, there might still be other ores that might make it more valuable. Yours is so small, it will be too risky just for its size alone.”

Xu Cheng laughed and said, “Who told you that? Maybe my stone is pure green on the inside and is capable of dominating all three of his stones combined.”

Benjamin sneered. “Pure green? I already know you are a rookie in this field by hearing those words. If it’s really a pure green emerald stone, even if it’s the size of my thumb, it could be auctioned out for at least a couple dozen million! Not to mention it being an emerald, even if it’s just jadeite, you will already be lucky enough.”

Xu Cheng: “And that’s why I say you are a trash bag. I don’t even need to pick three rocks. Just this is fine. I will take your three stones on with just one.”

Lin Lei: “Brother-in-Law, you are being capricious again.”

Benjamin: “Just that attitude alone is insulting me, do you know? Let me tell you, if this rock of yours is worth more than ten thousand euros, I will go eat s--t right away! And you still want to compete against my three picks? What a joke!”

Xu Cheng: “If you are really willing to eat s--t, then I will take you up on that bet. Deal? If I lose, I will eat it, and you will eat it if you lose!”

“Hahahahaha.” Benjamin directly started laughing. “If you really want to eat s--t, then I can’t stop you. Sure, this is such a no brainer, I can’t believe you actually think you can win. How about this, if I lose, not only will I eat s--t, I will also return the 50 million that I pocketed over the past year from the company, and I will also get out of the company. But if I win, I know you won’t trust me with any finance-related positions, so I will just take 2% of the company shares.”

Mommy Lin: “You really are shameless!”

Benjamin looked at Xu Cheng: “Deal or no deal? If you want to be the savior of the Lin Family, I don’t have a problem. But do you dare to make this bet with me or not?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” Xu Cheng sneered. “Open the rocks then.” 

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