Chapter 312: Can I Refund this Wife of Mine? (Part one)

Lin Guiren felt that Xu Cheng was taking this too lightly and directly said, “I don’t have the equipment to open rocks here.”

Benjamin snorted, “Brother-in-Law, don’t hide it anymore. You refine stones in your spare time anyways, I know where you put the equipment.”

As he said that, he directly walked to the curtain, slid it open, and revealed a closet that was storing the equipment for cutting stones.

“Isn’t this is? Let’s open the stones now. I can let you go first.”

Xu Cheng didn’t really care. “I can open yours, I will just wipe mine down.”

Xu Cheng’s stone wasn’t good for opening and needed to be wiped. After all, the stone itself was only the size of his palm, and it would be a pity to cut the stone and accidentally damage the bulk of green inside. It would be best if this palm-sized emerald could be retrieved as a whole so they could make a bracelet out of it, plus some other little things. 

If the jade could make a complete bracelet, then its value would not be able to be compared with bracelets with different jade pieces pieced together.

For instance, when a piece of jade goes on auction, people would first look at the size to see if it’s big enough to be made into a bracelet. If not, people would start bidding at 500 thousand. If it was big enough to be made into a bracelet but the material has a little flaw, then the bid would most likely start at 800 thousand. However, if it was perfect jade without any flaws, and its size was large enough to be made into a bracelet, then the initial bidding price would be at least 2 million!

After all, green was already quite rare to find, and green that was the size of a palm was even rarer. On top of that, pure flawless green of that size would be one of the most scarce finds. Even back in ancient times, only emperors were qualified to wear them.

So, that was why many people would try to wear down the surface first, as they were afraid that a careless cut into the stone may chip the green inside and damage a perfect piece that was originally large enough to be made into a complete bracelet. With his penetrating vision, he could see that his stone wasn’t fit for machine-cutting and needed to be wiped down. Slowly, after he wore down the surface layer of the stone, he would be able to shine a light into it to determine its worth. Previously, the jade was covered by a black outer layer, so people couldn’t shine light into it and just treated it as a low-value rock and marked it at a low price. 

Benjamin started the machine and began cutting himself. He first shined a light into the rock, then he estimated at what location he should cut in. After marking the lines, he placed it into the cutting machine.

As the machine operated, he looked at Xu Cheng wiping away the surface of his palm-sized rock. He couldn’t help but tease, “I’m serious, not to mention betting the value of that small rock against my 3 picks, even if your rock can have a value of over 10 thousand yuan, I will eat s--t right away.”

Xu Cheng wiped as he responded, “Don’t be so absolute with your words. If you lose, are you really going to go and eat s--t?”

Benjamin: “I will! I will do it for sure, and I’m a man of my words. If I go back on my words, I will get struck by lightning! But, if you lose, you have to eat as well. Deal, young man? I heard you young people are all pretty wild? Are you scared now?”

Xu Cheng nonchalantly responded, “I’m not scared, I’m just wondering where I can retrieve s--t for you to eat. You know as well, the toilets in this house all have auto-flush, it will be hard to get a fresh pile.”

Lin Chuxue pinched his arm on the side. “You are so disgusting.”

Xu Cheng was speechless. “You uncle wants some, what does that have to do with me?”

Then, he immediately said to Benjamin, “You see, we don’t really have any fresh poop laying around. How about this, whoever loses just have to go outside and lick our pet dog’s poop.”

Benjamin: “Yeah, deal. I will lick it if you win.”

“Alright.” Xu Cheng smiled and he began speeding up his rubbing process. His hand speed was incredible, and plus the extra power he could put in, his speed was no slower than a machine. 

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