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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 312.2

Chapter 312: Can I Refund this Wife of Mine? (Part two)

Not long after, Benjamin was done opening his first rock.

He was a bit disappointed looking at the rock that was now in halves. There was a bit of jade in the middle, but it was the generic rice white kind. The color wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the semitransparent kind. 

Lin Guiren looked over and snorted. “So this is the rock you spent 2 million yuan on from Asia? Looking at the result, you are lucky to be able to sell it for 200 thousand yuan.”

Benjamin subconsciously responded, “What 2 million, I just spent 500 thousand yuan, so the company only lost a couple hundred thousand.”

After he finished saying that, he immediately realized that he exposed himself for pocketing company money.”

Lin Guiren sneered. “But the price you quoted the company was 2 million yuan, you know? Originally, I told you to just buy processed jade because the price is right there so you won’t be able to trick me. But you insisted on gambling with raw stones. Right, the margin could be huge, but all the facking margin went into your own pocket.”

A hint of awkwardness flashed past Benjamin’s face, but he pretended to not hear it and tried to move past it. “Don’t worry, I will open the other rock. It will make more money than the cost and that will offset the loss on this one. It’s a business. You think the company doesn’t have to take risks and can make a profit on every rock? Jesus!”

Then, he began drawing lines on the second stone before putting it into the cutting machine.

He looked at Xu Cheng still rubbing away and laughed. “I already know that you are very nice and want to give a gift to your uncle-in-law. I guess I will just take that 2% of shares.”

Xu Cheng sneered and waved the Lin Family’s butler over.

The butler walked over. “Yes, Young Master?”

Xu Cheng had a mischievous smile as he whispered something into his ears.

The butler had an odd expression. “Is it alright?”

Xu Cheng: “It’s fine, just do it.”

Butler: “Alright, I will go do it right away.”

Seeing him still rubbing away, Lin Chuxue asked with a bit of concern, “Are you confident in winning?”

“You knew me from a young age, you think I would do this if I’m not confident? You are just this unconfident in your man?” Xu Cheng said. 

Lin Chuxue rolled her eyes at him. “But the problem is, you’ve never played this before.”
Xu Cheng laughed and said, “You’ve seen how I play cards, right? How about let’s make a bet on this too?”

Lin Chuxue acted as if she were a bit angry, “What do you want to gamble?”

Xu Cheng pointed at his lips and said, “You just kissed my forehead before but haven’t kissed me here. If I manage to get some green from this rock, can you give me a kiss?”

Lin Chuxue’s charming face immediately blushed. “Why are you still so immature.”
“Wait, wait, when did I kiss your forehead?” Lin Chuxue immediately asked.

Xu Cheng felt he leaked something. “Did I say something about you kissing my forehead?”

Lin Chuxue immediately realized what was going on and her suspicious blue eyes immediately shot onto Xu Cheng’s face, “You [email protected]! You were faking your sleep back at the military? You [email protected]!”
Last time before she left the military camp with the filming crew, she went to Xu Cheng’s room and gave him a kiss on the forehand. And now, she realized that this guy wasn’t actually asleep!”

Xu Cheng hurriedly exclaimed, “Ah! You see? My stone’s showing a little green! It’s green!”

But this attention transfer method was already too late, and Lin Chuxue already pinched Xu Cheng’s waist and did a 180degree twist.

“AH!” Xu Cheng cried miseribly, and he took in a breath of cold air. “Dad, Mom, can I return this wife of mine and get a refund?”

A smile flashed past Lin Chuxue’s sweet face and she pretended to be angry. “No way, I’m telling you, if you want a divorce, you have to pay for my lost youth as well!”

Xu Cheng: “How much?”

Lin Chuxue smiled and said, “Just pay me back with your next 50 years of time!”

Xu Cheng was almost crying. “Damn, it sure is different to have a wife with a good education, I feel so touched every time she opens her mouth. I’m becoming addicted.”

Lin Chuxue reached out her hand for Xu Cheng’s waist again.

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  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaa

    Married for 5 years.
    The most action they’ve got is her kissing his forehead while ‘asleep.’
    Which she’s EMBARASSED about doing.
    F*cking Chinese people lol, jesus

    • Nuex Mark

      dude youve reached this chapter and still oblivious on their situation 5 yrs ago lmao its only been a few months since they got to fully understands each others feelings come on man use your facking brain

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