Chapter 313: Does It Taste Good? (Part one)

Lin Lei couldn’t stand it anymore. “Can you guys be considerate of my feelings?”

Xu Cheng looked at him from the corner of his eyes. “What about you?”

He meant to say, What does us flaunting our love have to do with you?

Lin Lei: “I”m still single, have you thought about my feelings when publically flaunting your love? Especially because it’s you, Brother-in-Law! I’m more handsome than you yet you already found the love of your life. How is this fair!”

Xu Cheng: “Who said you are single? Don’t you still have your left and right hands? Believe me, Lei, just practice three or five more years and you will be able to surpass me.”

Lin Lei: “Then I will flaunt my love in front of you every day after I get a girlfriend. With my looks and assets, if I can’t find a pretty girl to be my girlfriend, I won’t be able to face God for the gifts he had given me.”

Xu Cheng: “Even if you get one, she won’t be as pretty as my girlfriend. The key thing is, you are so handsome, yet you couldn’t find a girlfriend that’s hotter than mine. You tell me if you are a failure or not? I’m not boasting, but even if you travel the world, you won’t be able to find a beauty that can match your sis.”

Just as Xu Cheng finished, he was scolded by Lin Chuxue.

“Why are you blabbering the truth?” She said and left, content. It was obvious that she was quite satisfied and happy by Xu Cheng’s praise. 

Then, Xu Cheng went back to rubbing the rock and left Lin Lei to the side.

On the other side, Benjamin felt his heart ache a bit after he opened the second rock!

“You said the return on this rock should be bigger, and you quoted me 5 million yuan on this one, right? You said you would be able to easily get some green, and if it’s a large area of green, you could make a bracelet and easily make a dozen million. Now, look at the dull white inside, you tell me how much it’s worth? It’s trash! No one would even buy it for 500 thousand yuan! If you make it into a necklace and gift it to other people, they might even consider whether they should take it or not.”

Benjamin wiped the sweat off his forehead and picked up another rock.

“I just don’t believe I had bad luck on all three!“

After he put the third rock in, he began feeling a bit anxious. It was understandable for the first two to not work out, but if his third pick was also trash, then it would be a bit humiliating. Even if people guessed randomly, they would be able to get a few valuable ones, yet as a professional, it would be pretty shameful if he were to fail three picks.

After the last one was cut open, Benjamin didn’t dare to take it out.

Lin Guiren glared at him. “Take it out.”

Benjamin hesitantly picked up the rock with two hands, and he opened it along the cut. It turned out that this rock was even worse than the other two. There was a bit of jade on the surface where he shone the light on, but the inside was just too gruesome to look. In other words, for a stone that was 40 cm in diameter, there was only a bit of jade on the surface and the rest was all rice white, making it one of the most common stones.

Benjamin’s heart was shattered.

“How about this rock then? Remember how much you quoted me on this?” Lin Guiren heartachingly jumped up in fury. “8 million! Now, other than the outside portion that might be able to be made into little rings, you tell me how I am going to breakeven with a cost of 8 million? This is why I want you out of the company!”

Benjamin got angry out of embarrassment as he replied, “I’m not here for work or to report to you, I’m just competing with Xu Cheng. Why are you scolding me? Rock gambling is like this, and even though the three aren’t worth much, it’s still worth about a million yuan combined. If Xu Cheng’s rock could be worth more than my three rocks, I already said, I will go eat s--t! And I will just return the money I pocketed.”

Lin Lei: “Why did you change again? Didn’t you say my brother-in-law just needed to get a stone that’s worth more than 10 thousand yuan?”
Benjamin coughed and said, “This stone cost me 200 thousand yuan when I bought it, so if he can’t get something of higher value out of it, then it means he lost money too.”

Xu Cheng: “Whatever you say.”

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