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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 313.2

Chapter 313: Does It Taste Good? (Part two)

He was almost done, and there was already a head that was exposed to the outside world. It was pure green. He asked, “Master Benjamin, if I’m seeing green, how much is this stone worth?”

Benjamin: “How big?”

Xu Cheng: “About the size of a grown man’s fist, and the thickness is enough to be made into two bracelets.”

Benjamin snorted, “If the color isn’t too good, then probably just 600 to 700 thousand yuan.” 

Xu Cheng: “Then what if the gloss is like water and it’s semi-transparent with no impurities?” 

Benjamin laughed out, “Impossible. If it’s really green, smooth, and has no impurities, and even semi-transparent like glass as you said, then each bracelet from this material can even be hyped up to 20 million.”

“Then two would be 40 million?” Xu Cheng asked.

Benjamin: “A lot more. Not just bracelets, the rest could be made into rings, earrings, and necklaces, and those can be really pricey too. Just a little bit of this green on a ring is enough to make it 40 to 50 thousand yuan.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “Then does that mean I win?”

As he said, he put his stone onto the table with the green side up and grinned. “I actually really haven’t seen anyone eat s--t yet, so I’m looking forward to it. Mr. Benjamin, thank you for setting a great precedent. I will get someone to bring you some good s--t!”

Benjamin’s eyes stared wide open as he looked at the pure green rock.

Not to mention him, even Lin Guiren’s eyes were wide open as he stared right at it.

Benjamin was still in a bit of disbelief, and he reached out, trying to touch it just to make sure Xu Cheng didn’t inject some kind of coloring to trick him. Lin Guiren directly slapped his hand away. “Move the fack out of the way. The company is lacking some good quality raw material to reinvigorate the business. You can move out of the way, don’t you dare touch it!”

As if this rock was his lifeline, Lin Guiren held it up like a baby and began wiping the surface with his suit’s sleeve.

Seeing this, Benjamin couldn’t feel more awkward.

“Come on, our dear uncle, I guess you really wanted to find yourself an excuse to eat s--t, or else you wouldn’t have been so anxious to make such a bet. Come on, I will take you to the washroom and produce a fresh pile for you.”

Benjamin was a bit reluctant. “Can I just return the money?”

He was afraid that Xu Cheng would really force him to go eat some s--t, so he said seriously to everyone in the Lin Family, “Really, I will return the money!”

Then, he took out a debit card from his hand and said, “There are about 50 million euros on this card, I think we should just let s--t go wherever it belongs. As for the bet, I admit I lost, so here’s the money.”
Xu Cheng looked at the others. “What do you guys think?”

Lin Guiren impatiently waved his hand. “Whatever.”

Right now, all he could see was that rock, and he immediately ran away with it to some other place to continue to wipe it down.

At this moment, the butler walked in from outside, carrying a few cups of ice cream, the kind with chocolate sprinkled on top.

Xu Cheng immediately took over Benjamin’s bank card and laughed. “We are a family, how can I possibly make you go and eat s--t? Right? Uncle, look, you are even sweating, I just told you not to make a bet this big. If you weren’t Chuxue’s uncle, I might’ve really dragged you out to eat s--t.”

Then, he helped the butler pass around the ice cream, and then he also grabbed one and handed to Benjamin as he put a spoon full of his into his mouth. Then, he said, “This ice cream shop just opened down the street. I went and tried it, and it tastes pretty good. Give it a try.”

Benjamin finally let out a breath of relief. Putting the ice cream by his nose, he felt that the chocolate smell was pretty strong so he didn’t think too much. But after taking in a spoon, that fresh smell of s--t filled his entire mouth.

Xu Cheng tried to hold in his laughter as he asked, “How is it? Pretty good, huh?”

Benjamin: “Faaaaaack!”

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