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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 315.1

Chapter 315: Are You Saying I’m Petty? (Part one)

Xu Cheng grinned. “It’s fine, my dad’s a soldier, he doesn’t mind these little details. He’s very easy going, you don’t have to be so formal with your first meeting.”

Lin Chuxue kowtowed before the tombstone and said with a bright smile, “Dad, I’m Lin Chuxue, Xu Cheng’s wife. In the future, I will be a good wife to him and take care of him. Don’t worry, Xu Cheng’s doing very well too.”

Xu Cheng helped Lin Chuxue get up and said, “Come, have a seat over there and just wait a bit for me, I will finish engraving it right away.”

Lin Chuxue nodded and waited on the stairs, looking at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng didn’t use a professional tool, instead choosing the sharp edge of Charles’s diamond gloves. He engraved his dad’s name, year of life, and accomplishments in life, before putting his name on the tombstone, as his dad’s son.

However, he didn’t put Chuxue’s name on there.

Xu Cheng looked at Lin Chuxue and said, “Chuxue, I’m saying if, if misfortune falls upon me, you will have to come over yourself to engrave your name.”

Lin Chuxue immediately replied, “Nah, if you die, then I won’t write my name and I will just run away with another man. If you want my name up there, you can write it yourself once you are done your business.”

Xu Cheng bitterly smiled.

Then, he lit some incense and put up some fruits and flowers on the altar. Then, he finally poured a bowl of Erguotou and said, “Dad, your good friend Lin Guiren gave me this to bring to you, the best white liquor there is. He said you were addicted to this. In the past, when you said Uncle Lin Guiren’s your best friend, I didn’t believe it, but now I do. This guy even married his daughter to me, and I’m so touched that I have to call him dad now. Please don’t get jealous.”

Lin Chuxue was speechless. She tried to hold her laughter as she chipped in, “Do you usually talk to your dad like this?” 

Xu Cheng lit a cigarette and placed it on his dad’s tombstone, and he smoked one himself and said, feeling a bit blue, “Yeah, I always run around after him, and he always told me to not call him ‘dad’, afraid that people might hear. So, I just call him ‘old man’, and we just lived like that. No one knew when the Ye Family would find us to kill him or me. It was quite rare for us to still have good memories in difficult times. As I grew up, my dad saw how I admired the other kids going to school, so he had no choice but to send me abroad, hoping that I can one day do big things. At that time, he lied to me. He said he would be coming over too in a bit, but who knew he never even thought about leaving the country. In the end, I only heard the bad news from Daddy Lin.”

Lin Chuxue’s heart ached for Xu Cheng as she gently patted him on the shoulder. 

Xu Cheng placed his hand on hers and bitterly smiled. “It’s fine, it’s all in the past now.”

He then looked at the tombstone and said, “Dad, it will be soon. Soon, I will make the Ye Family repent for what they did to you. And that woman, that woman that I hadn’t seen in my whole life, I don’t know why you love her. How come she never visited your grave all these years? How can she be so cold-hearted? Does she even know that she has a son?” 

Speaking of this, Xu Cheng’s eyes become bloodshot. “Dad, I’ve lived for 20 years, I made it to the top! Let me live for you for the next little while. All the people that were not good to you, it’s time to make them pay!”

Upon speaking, he loudly kowtowed in front of the tombstone!

Lin Chuxue immediately took out some tissue to wipe the blood off of his forehead. Xu Cheng then told her a lot of things from when he was young, and the two of them just stayed on Fen Mountain until sunset.

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  1. Cratea

    “Does she even know that she has a son?”
    Of course she knows. It’s not like you’re born from your father’s womb

    • noodletowntranslated

      loool yep, as the saying goes, you never know if that’s your son if your r the dad, but you know it’s definitely your son if you r the mom

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