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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 317.1

Chapter 317: Cuisine of Darkness – Worst S--t Ever (Part one)

Bei Shan and Xu Cheng went to the dining room, and upon seeing the four dishes and one soup on the table, they immediately felt the urge to dig in.

“Woah, my sis-in-law’s cooking looks good! Then, I will just dig in now,” Bei Shan swallowed his spittle and said.

Xu Cheng was also surprised, did Lin Chuxue really learn how to cook?

After they sat down, Lin Chuxue looked pretty happy, as if she did something incredible. She said, “You guys must eat a lot. Speaking of this, you two are the first ones to eat my cooking. Don’t be restrained, just dig in.”

First ones to eat her cooking? 

Bei Shan and Xu Cheng’s bodies trembled.

Bei Shan already picked up his chopsticks so it was obviously too late for him to back out. Xu Cheng glared at him, his look saying, “Eat first!”

Bei Shan swallowed his spittle again, and he took a look at the “spicy braised beef”. Judging by the color and texture, it seemed edible at least, so he picked up a piece, stuffed it into his mouth, and chewed.


On the spot, he felt so much spice blowing directly out from his nostrils and ears that he was close to suffocating. Tears were circling in his eyes.

Lin Chuxue asked with concern, “Big Brother Bei Shan, are you okay? How does it taste?”

“I’m fine!” Bei Shan coughed as tears came out from his eyes from the spiciness, and he patted himself on the chest and said, “I’m just touched, too touched. This taste-!”

He originally wanted to say: “Really kills!”

But seeing how Lin Chuxue was looking at him with that pretty face and anticipating eyes, he gritted his teeth and said, “This taste reminds me of my childhood and the food my mom would make me. I’m just so touched by the memory, these are tears of joy.”

Inside his heart, he mumbled, I’m sorry, Mom.

“Oh really? Then I have to try it too. This is the first time my wife made me a meal, I can’t just let you eat it all.” Xu Cheng thought Bei Shan was really actually touched by how tasty it was, so he immediately picked up a piece even bigger than Bei Shan’s and stuffed it into his mouth. But, at the instant of contact, that spicy taste directly broke through his line of defense.

Xu Cheng directly breathed out a strong gust through his nostrils as his eyes squinted into two lines. His whole face looked as if he was in pain.

“What happened?” Lin Chuxue immediately asked with concern.

Xu Cheng’s “Just-let-me-die” face immediately turned into a face of joy, as if a drug addict just snorted some crack and was on cloud nine. He exclaimed, “Too good!”

“Really?!” Lin Chuxue chuckled. “I just followed the cookbook, and it said that the key to making this dish successful is the spiciness. I thought the red hot pepper in your refrigerator left by Ran Jing might’ve not been enough, so I added some wasabi as well.”

Bei Shan: Please kill me!

Xu Cheng immediately opened his eyes, and tears began streaming down nonstop. “If it doesn’t taste good, how can I be crying? It’s just too tasty. Really. It’s so good that I’m even scared, scared that I would never eat such tasty food again in my life.”

Lin Chuxue put her hand on his and chuckled. “Don’t worry, I can make it for you every day. If you are scared that other people might fight over it with you, I will only make it for you in the future.”

Xu Cheng’s pupils enlarged, and tears began streaming down like a nonstop waterfall.

Lin Chuxue happily said, “Don’t feel touched anymore, hurry up and try the other dishes.”

Xu Cheng was quite speechless.

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  1. deemon900

    I don’t get the ignorant dark cook that novels often do. How the fak didn’t she taste the food herself and I bet this sh*t will become a running joke.

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