Chapter 318: The Quality of Being Able to Pick Up and Let Go (Part one)

The two men finished the most difficult meal they ever had, feeling like it was a century-worth of torture.

Seeing the two of them “enjoying” it so much, Lin Chuxue looked very happy as she asked Xu Cheng, “How is it? Does it feel like home? I can cook for you everyday from now on.”

Before Xu Cheng could talk, Bei Shan immediately commented, “I’m so jealous of him.”
Lin Chuxue’s smile became even brighter.

At this moment, Xu Cheng’s phone rang.

It was a call from Hu Bing.


“Big Brother Cheng, why didn’t you tell us that you are back? How is it? Are you done settling in? Wanna come out and have some food?” Hu Bing enthusiastically said. 

Xu Cheng: “You are in Shangcheng?”

Hu Bing: “Yeah, I went to Yanjing to watch your live stream and I just came back too. Now you are basically on fire at the club, and that [email protected] Ye Qiu said you would be looking down on them if you don’t accept their request for you to become their club’s president.”

Xu Cheng felt that this call from Hu Bing came in the nick of time. He put it on speaker and said, “You said you want to treat me to a meal?”

Hu Bing: “Yeah, are you free? I can introduce a few friends of mine to you.”

Xu Cheng looked at Lin Chuxue like a little kid asking for permission, and Lin Chuxue smiled. “Go. But get back early! Later, I will just get my assistant to come and pick me up. I’m warning you, if I find you living together with another woman in the future, I will really teach you a lesson!” 

Xu Cheng: “I swear by my hand speed, I’ve already been single for 27 years, don’t worry. If something’s going wrong, it would’ve went wrong a long time ago.”

Lin Chuxue waved and said generously, “Then sure, go out with your friend. Have a safe drive.”

Xu Cheng immediately said to Hu Bing, “Alright then, send me the address, I will be right there.”
Hu Bing: “Alright.”

Immediately, Xu Cheng and Bei Shan walked out of the door and began running towards the elevator as if they would die if they stayed there any longer.

Right after getting into the elevator, Bei Shan grabbed Xu Cheng by the collar. “Bro, now I’m seriously suspecting that your wife is a spy. She wants you dead!”

Xu Cheng: “…”

Bei Shan gasped for air. “In the past, I’ve only heard about the cuisine of darkness, but I’ve finally experienced it today. Why didn’t you warn me about it earlier?”

Xu Cheng: “Did I tell you to come in? It was you that insisted on going in to get a free meal.”

Bei Shan: “After eating your wife’s cooking, I felt like I’ve experienced all the ups and downs in life. I suddenly realized, it’s not easy to be alive. I think for those people that don’t think life is worth living, you should just treat them to your wife’s cooking and show them how miniscule their own pain is in comparison. I think it will help reduce the suicide rate.”

Xu Cheng looked at him from the corner of his eyes. “Didn’t you say it tastes like your mom’s cooking?”

Bei Shan: “If my mom heard that, she would beat me to death. Bro, that friend of yours wants to treat you to a meal, can you take me with you? I haven’t had a good meal for days, and just for what I just suffered, don’t you think you should make it up to me?”

Xu Cheng: “Go play elsewhere. Those people aren’t from your circle. You are an Ace of the Dragon Division, I’m afraid that you will fall into the pit of desire. Of course, as the junior brother, I should take the bullet for you, so I will just let this dinner drag me down to the pit of desire alone.”

Bei Shan: “Then should I shout that the big celebrity Lin Chuxue’s being hidden in this condo by an animal?”

Xu Cheng immediately put his arm around Bei Shan. “Come on, Senior Brother, why are you being so serious? I’m joking with you, let’s go.”

“That’s right.”

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