Chapter 319: Who’s Young Master Zhang? Get Him to Come Out! (Part one)

Xu Cheng led Bei Shan into Room 888, and found that there were 6 young men already in there, all about the same age as Hu Bing. The oldest was less than 24 years old, and Hu Bing was on the older side among them. Seeing Xu Cheng come in, Hu Bing directly walked over with a big smile and said, “Big Brother Cheng, you are here!” 

He got closer to his side and lowered his voice, “You didn’t bring Sis-in-Law here with you?”

Xu Cheng looked at the people behind him and said, “She doesn’t like occasions like this. Are these friends of yours reliable?”          

Hu Bing laughed. “Would I bring them out to you if they weren’t reliable?”

He turned around and gestured for them to come over. “Hey, bros, let me introduce you to my senior brother in the military, Xu Cheng. Call him Big Brother Cheng.”

The other 5 people all came over to shake hands with Xu Cheng and politely greeted, “Big Brother Cheng.”

“You don’t have to call brother, just call me Xu Cheng.” Xu Cheng wasn’t that close with these people, so he didn’t feel the need to be called big brother. He also didn’t like how most of these second gen rich heirs rolled. He respected those with actual skills, but if someone could only rely on their family’s resources and connections, then sorry, those people wouldn’t be able to be added to Xu Cheng’s friend list. So, if these 5 people were the latter type, it wouldn’t be a loss to not meet them.

These 5 people basically grew up with Hu Bing, and their tempers were about the same. They weren’t the kind of rich heirs that were always showing off, otherwise Hu Bing wouldn’t have been so close to them. Upon seeing how Xu Cheng reacted, those five weren’t surprised. After all, they all heard a lot about him already from Hu Bing, and they knew Xu Cheng was a bit arrogant.

“We are bros that grew up together with Hu Bing, and his bro is our bro. Big Brother Cheng, I’m Xiang Yang.”

“I’m Li Si.”

“My name is Yang Zhengbin.”

“Yang Hu.”

Hu Bing said, “Last time with the thing involving Sis-in-Law, it was Yang Hu that helped out.”

Xu Cheng shook hands with Yang Hu. “Thanks.”

”You are being too polite, Big Brother Cheng. In the future, if you need anything, just let me know. The entertainment circle is basically my backyard.” Yang Hu took out his business card and handed it to Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng took a look after taking it. On there, there was no title, just a name and a phone number. From this detail, it seemed like he wasn’t the type that would use his title to bully others. Instead, he was indeed someone well-known in the city. 

“Quit standing, let’s all go and sit down,” Hu Bing immediately dragged Xu Cheng to the seats.

He lit a cigarette for Xu Cheng, and this little detail shocked his friends a bit. Hu Bing rarely gave other people cigarettes or helped light one, and they had only seen him doing it for the elders in his family.

Xiang Yang leaned to Yang Hu and curiously asked, “You helped Big Brother Cheng out before?”
Yang Hu smiled and nodded, and he said in a low voice, “Remember the incident where a producer and Yan Xian wanted to casting-couch Lin Chuxue?” 

Xiang Yang paused for a moment. “Could it be that Lin Chuxue is…”

“She should be Big Brother Cheng’s woman,” Yang Hu said. 

Xiang Yang took a deep breath. “Incredible. That Lin Chuxue is famous for being independent and fierce in the entertainment circle… so it turns out that there was a man behind her, and it’s actually Big Brother Cheng?”

Hu Bing immediately said, “That day when we saw you fighting that guy in Britain, we were all shocked. Ye Xiu kept on telling me to give him a call when you come back.”

Xu Cheng took a sip of the cigarette. “Why is he looking for me?”

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