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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 319.2

Chapter 319: Who’s Young Master Zhang? Get Him to Come Out! (Part two)

“He said he wants to send you a glory banner on behalf of the club.” Hu Bing grinned. “That one punch of yours that destroyed Kalan was first uploaded onto the club forum but then it began to spread like wildfire in the military forum, and then to the general media. That season of ‘True Men’ featuring you also aired at roughly the same time. Your name is trending now with over a million searches, and you are on so many headlines right now it’s crazy. You are officially famous now, I’m telling you.”

Xiang Yang added, “Yeah, I saw that show too. Big Brother Cheng, that move of yours where you turned your back against the target and still aced all the shots was just too cool. Also, when you threw Yan Xian across the air, people even initially thought he was being wired because it was just too unbelievable. All in all, Instructor Xu had became a trending topic, and your images in a few scenes in the show was also made into emojis and memes.”

Xu Cheng was quite confused. “Oh? So my face is basically famous now? Damn, I’m not prepared at all, didn’t I rise to fame too quickly and mysteriously? How come I don’t feel like I’m famous when I’m in public?”

Bei Shan was chewing on some steak as he couldn’t help but ridicule, “Because they edited your face before airing the show, whereas you are just ugly in real life so it’s normal for people to not recognize you.”

Xu Cheng: “Not even food can stuff your mouth? Do you want to come back with me again and try my wife’s cooking?”

Bei Shan: “I would rather kill myself.”

Just then, someone knocked on the door, and Hu Bing shouted, “Come in.”

The server walked in and asked, “I’m sorry, does the car with license plate S3**** belong to any one of you?”

Xu Cheng realized it was his after a few seconds. “Oh, it’s mine. What happened?”

The server awkwardly said, “There’s some trouble downstairs, could you come out with me and check?”

Xu Cheng nodded. “You guys eat first, I will go and check it out.”
Hu Bing and the others nodded. “Yeah, get back soon.”
Bei Shan: “Should I come with you?”

“No need,” Xu Cheng said and followed down with the waiter. 

At this time, Xiang Yang came closer to Hu Bing and asked, “Isn’t that the one that came back with you at the airport? Be frank with me, what is his background?”

Hu Bing casually responded, “Nothing.”

He chewed a bite of food and then said to the other five guys, “Sometimes, if someone wants to respect you, it might not be because of the background but from the capabilities of himself. Although he doesn’t have any background, you don’t know how high his current prestige in the military is. You guys are only influential and powerful in this city, but he’s almighty across the whole country. You guys know about the special forces club, right? Those soldiers with big backgrounds all fully respect Big Brother Cheng, and that’s the kind of effect you get from someone that’s too powerful himself. The soldier population is quite united, and although Big Brother Cheng doesn’t look like he has any background, the moment he opens his mouth, I can promise more than half of the soldiers with powerful backgrounds will be willing to stir up some s--t for him!”

Bei Shan ate as he listened to Hu Bing’s words, and he couldn’t help but mumble to himself, “Damn, I didn’t know this [email protected]’s d0uch-level is through the chart, he’s got a pretty good following going already.” 

After Xu Cheng went down stairs, he saw that sh!tbox he drove was crushed into a pile of junk.

The waiter stood there awkwardly and apologized, “Sir, i-i-it was Young Master Zhang. He couldn’t find a parking spot and he saw the Santana parked here so he ran into it to push it out of the spot.”

Xu Cheng: “Who’s Young Master Zhang?”

Waiter: “The young master of the Zhang Family.” 

Xu Cheng was speechless with the waiter’s reply. “Go and get him!”

Waiter: “Uh-”

Xu Cheng deepened his voice, “Go and get him to come out!”

Waiter: “Yes, Sir!”

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