Chapter 321: Big Brother Cheng, Don’t Go Too Hard on Them (Part one)

At this moment, the big boss was really anxious. “Ah, Young Masters, we can talk this out… I still have to run this business and feed my employees and family, can you take pity on me just this time? I won’t get involved in your business at all, but can you take him elsewhere?”

The blond and handsome young man with an earring looked down at the chubby boss of the nightclub and spat out, “Get lost!”
The boss bitterly smiled.

“You don’t want us to go up and smash this place? Sure, go and call the guy down, and we will resolve it right here.”

The boss nodded and ran upstairs. Seeing that Xu Cheng was in Room 888, he suddenly felt that he was in a pickle, considering both sides’ backgrounds.

“Uh… Mr. Xu, they are here… It’s not that I’m on their side, but I really can’t afford to provoke the Four Young Masters. Umm… Do you think you can come down with me and resolve the issue with them privately? Please, my business can’t take this big of a hit if they blow this thing up in my nightclub. My club will definitely be seized by the authorities if something were to happen tonight.”

Hu Bing and the others heard that and asked Xu Cheng, “Big Brother Cheng, what’s wrong?”

“There was a retarded guy that saw my s--t car and crashed into it, pushing it out of the parking spot so he could park there himself. I will go down and teach him what’s right and what’s wrong, no big deal.”

Although he said it so casually, the boss couldn’t have become more nervous upon hearing that, How’s it not a big deal? You’d beaten up that guy… You beat up one of the Four Young Masters of this city…

“Mr. Xu, he’s the young master of the Zhang Family, please do me a favor. The Four Young Masters of the Supercar Club are all downstairs now and they blocked the door. They won’t leave if this isn’t resolved, and my guests can’t come in or go out.”

“Can you let me finish eating first?” Xu Cheng gave the boss a look. His stomach was still hurting from the cooking at home, he needed something good to wash down the misery first.

“Four Young Masters?” Hu Bing frowned. “Those retards are really everywhere.”

“You know them?” Xu Cheng asked. 

Xiang Yang and the others nodded. “Yeah, we see them quite often, just a bunch of prodigals, relying on their family’s money and power to do whatever they want. All they know is drag racing and partying all day, and they never forget to send us gifts.”

Seeing Xu Cheng frown a bit, Xiang Yang immediately continued, “But don’t take it the wrong way, Big Brother Cheng, we only accepted the gifts because we have to network in the circle. We can’t say that we are friends, but their family and businesses do have quite a good network in this city, or else they wouldn’t be as big as they are in a business central city like Shangcheng. They do have a lot of black and white connections, so despite us not liking them, we also try our best to not provoke them to avoid unnecessary trouble, so usually we simply just avoid coming into contact with them.”

“Alright, it’s not like I need you guys to come with me,” Xu Cheng said as he patted Bei Shang’s shoulder. “You can take your time and eat up.”

Bei Shang nodded. “If you need muscle, call me.”

Xu Cheng: “No need. I didn’t need one back in that black market, what are these people going to do to me?”

Bei Shan’s eyelids jumped. He looked up and said to Hu Bing, “Maybe you should go down with him.”

Hu Bing: “I’m afraid that Big Brother Cheng doesn’t want me to join in.”

Bei Shan: “Who said anything about joining in, you should keep an eye on him. I’m not scared about something else, I’m just worried that Xu Cheng might not control his strength properly and make them permanently disabled.”

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