Chapter 322: Playing Tough with Me? (Part one)

This world really has some work to do.

It was clearly your fault, yet you surrounded me and made me look like I’m the big bad boss that needs to be defeated….

Xu Cheng walked down the stairs, feeling like the end game boss entering the stage. He walked to Li Wei’s face and looked into his eyes. Li Wei was 1.8-meters tall, but Xu Cheng was 1.9 meters so he had to slightly look down. He looked at Li Wei and said, “Let me tell you, having money isn’t everything, and in my eyes, nothing is bigger than justice. Today, not only will I not pay you, I will also teach you a listen.”

Li Wei snorted, “Then tell me, what place do you have to teach me a lesson?”

Xu Cheng’s voice increased by a few decibels. “Prepare yourselves!”

Li Wei and the others were startled.

Seeing how they reacted, Xu Cheng sneered, “A bunch of soft eggs. When you guys meet actual tough guys, you would just be soft-legged shrimps. I’m a [email protected] soldier, and it’s quite an insult for me to actually fight a bunch of spoiled brats.”

Li Wei was furious. Just when he turned around and threw a kick, Xu Cheng suddenly dodged his foot, spun in place, and grabbed onto his blond hair.

Then, he pulled Li Wei by the hair and swung him towards the guys that were coming at him. 

Li Wei felt his body suspended in the air as he was really thrown out like a ragdoll. He was feeling sharp pains on his scalp because he was grabbed by the hair, and his foot whipped past his bros’ faces.

Five people were “fanned” away by Li Wei just like that, and then Xu Cheng threw Li Wei to the side. Zhang Tianyou rushed towards him, and Xu Cheng directly grabbed onto him by the hair as well and began slapping his face. 

A dozen people rushed over too, and they were all sent away flying mercilessly with a kick in their abdomen area. Each time someone came to get kicked, he would land one slap on Zhang Tianyou’s face, and after they all finished charging up, Zhang Tianyou’s originally-handsome face couldn’t be more swollen. 

He tried to fight back, but he realized that the more he fought back, the harder Xu Cheng grabbed onto his hair. The difference in power was really too significant, and he could only shout in pain and humiliation, but that was useless too. His friends wanted to come up to help, but he noticed that he would get hit every time someone came up. 

He also tried to go berserk, trying to pull his head away, as he would rather lose a few strands of hair than be humiliated like this. He wanted to protect his dignity, the dignity that belonged to the young master he was!

But, every time a few strands of hair fell loose, Xu Cheng could always quickly grab onto more!

When he took at least a couple dozen slaps and was bleeding from his mouth and nose, feeling all dizzy, he finally knelt down and broke down in tears.

Xu Cheng turned a blind eye to his crying and he just kept on grabbing onto his hair. Raising his palm, he looked at the others and said, “Come on, try and see if you outnumbering me is enough to save your buddy. Come on.”

Two of the Four Young Masters gritted their teeth and rushed up in anger, and Xu Cheng kicked them far away.

Then, with another “pa pa”, two more slaps landed on Zhang Tianyou’s face.

“Ah!” he miserably cried.

At this moment, those guys from the Supercar Club were basically all on the ground, moaning from the miserable pain.

Li Wei struggled as he got up, and he angrily roared, “Everyone all together! Get your weapons!”

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