Chapter 322: Playing Tough with Me? (Part two)

The others that could still get up all went back to their cars and took out all kinds of s--t, like wine bottles, baseball bats, and even golf clubs!

The six of them that could still stand up directly surrounded Xu Cheng, desperate to vent their anger and wash away the humiliation.

When the wine bottle smacked over, Xu Cheng directly raised Zhang Tianyou’s arm to help him block it. With the help of Xu Cheng’s force, Zhang Tianyou’s hand directly shattered the glass, with the shards flying out randomly and even cutting a few people.

Zhang Tianyou also cried miserably himself because his arm hurt like hell. 

Just then, behind Xu Cheng, someone swung a golf club at him. Xu Cheng quickly bent down and picked up Zhang Tianyou like a sand bag. When that golf club brutally landed on his back, he let out a miserable cry again.

Xu Cheng sent that guy with the golf club flying away again with a kick, and then he landed another slap on Zhang Tianyou’s face.

His teeth directly flew out with the blood.

Li Wei held onto a baseball bat with both hands and swung over at full force, and Xu Cheng directly lifted Zhang Tianyou by grabbing onto his hair, and that baseball bat was flying right at his head.

When he saw the incoming baseball bat, the bat in his eyes just became larger and larger as he became more and more terrified. Just when it was about to hit his brain, Xu Cheng caught the baseball bat. At that moment, the bat was just a few inches away from Zhang Tianyou’s forehead. The wind carried by the momentum blew onto his forehead, and at that moment, he was so terrified that his brain almost went blank.


With another slap on his face, he began mourning in pain again as he wept like a baby.

Xu Cheng asked, “Still want to fight?”

Zhang Tianyou shook his head at full force as he cried, “No, just stop it.”

Xu Cheng: “Tell your friends to come and save you.”

Zhang Tianyou shook his head as he cried in despair, “No, don’t come anymore, I’m sorry! Sorry, it was my fault! I will pay you back, I will compensate you for your car! I was too blind to offend you, please have mercy and let me go.”

Then, he directly knelt on the ground.

Xu Cheng looked at Li Wei. “Come on, your bro is in my hands, come and save him.”

Li Wei said in a deep voice, “Let him go!”

Xu Cheng grinned and said, “Aren’t you guys bros? Come and save him, why so much talk? Come and save him yourself. Let me tell you, don’t think that just because you saw a few movies or TV shows, you can act tough like you are a mafia boss or something. If this isn’t a civilized society, it wouldn’t be as easy as you paying off some money and pulling some strings at the police station for you to get off easily. If it was in the old society, you guys would’ve been played to death already! You bunch of ignorant spoiled brats that don’t know how to study or do good for society, how do you get a sense of superiority when you only race cars and play girls all day? You guys are even worse than the Four Gates, at least they are actually tough and can do s--t, you are all a bunch of paper tigers! You should just go back home and play with some toys, just stop coming out to the public to embarrass yourselves and your families! Are your parents too busy making money that they forgot to teach you all how to be human? Come on, don’t you guys call each other bros? Come and save your bro!”

Li Wei gritted his teeth and stood there, yet he didn’t dare to come up. He could only be tough with words as he said fiercely, “I’m warning you, let him go!”

Xu Cheng indeed let go of Zhang Tianyou. But, after sneering, he quickly went up to Li Wei and grabbed him by his blond hair before he could even react, and he said, “Non mainstream haircut, right? Come on, don’t just talk, actually do something about it.”

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