Chapter 323: Behind Him is the Top Special Forces Club (Part one)

Right as he finished, Xu Cheng slapped Li Wei across the face. In that quiet parking lot, that slap was particularly loud.

Li Wei was furious!

“Ah!” He roared. No one had ever dared to treat him like that. Humiliation, it was great humiliation. As a dignified young master, whether it was people from the business world or the Four Gates, they all had to suck up to him. 

But today, not only was he grabbed by the hair by someone, he was also slapped in the face. Li Wei was definitely fuming right now.

“I’m going to kill you!” Li Wei gritted his teeth like a beast.

But, no matter how much he fought back, he couldn’t get out of Xu Cheng’s sturdy grasp.

The more he fought back, the more frequently Xu Cheng’s slap landed on his face.

Li Wei just constantly tried to pull his head away, and with the constant slapping sound, his face also became more and more swollen.

The others were also infuriated from watching this, but they were already all beaten down by Xu Cheng and couldn’t up anymore.

Xu Cheng looked at the other two young masters of the four and said, “Come on, your bro is in my hand. Come, let me see what you guys are capable of!”

As he said that, he landed another slap on Li Wei’s face.

“Ah!” Li Wei miserably cried.

Then, he directly lowered his head and tried to tackle Xu Cheng, but Xu Cheng directly went even lower, lifted him up by shouldering his stomach and then smacked him down onto the ground. AsLi Wei tried to get up again in a haze, his hair was grabbed by Xu Cheng again, and the slaps continued to come.

In the end, he was beaten to the point of feeling numb. Other than his eyes, his whole face couldn’t be more swollen. His eyes were drowsy as he fell onto the ground, depleted of any energy.

“Let me go.”

Xu Cheng lightly kicked him onto the ground. Then, looking at the others, he said in a deep voice, “Anyone else? Is this it? Already? What happened to the superior Supercar Club?“

With his hands on his waist, he mockingly smiled. “You guys aren’t Jesus, so don’t live like Jesus. You can flaunt your wealth, and you can live your lavish life, no one would go against you. It’s no problem if you are capable of making money and you spend the money you make, but don’t use your wealth to trample on the dignity of ordinary people, and don’t build your happiness and take thrills from causing other people pain. No one’s born more prestigious than the others, you all have your parents to thank for that. Everyone, no matter their profession, deserves respect. Even if someone’s job is to sweep the streets, you aren’t qualified to disrespect them. Besides, the money you are playing with wasn’t even earned by you. It’s not that I’m a saint, trying to lecture scum like you. There are just too many scumbags in this world, but today, you ran into me, so don’t blame me for not going easy on you. In fact, I’m a very reasonable guy, and if you talk like a human to me, I will reply like a human, But if you are gonna act like an animal, then I can only beat up the animal that you are. I’m telling you all, even if you call your dad over today, I won’t apologize, but if you are capable, you can take my life. If you want to keep on playing, then I will accompany you. I’m also from this city, so we can see who’s more fierce. I’m Xu Cheng, and I’m leaving my words here. If anyone’s dissatisfied, you can come and find me anytime. But, just to give my piece of advice, while I still have patience, don’t challenge my bottom line.”

After he was done, he turned around and went back into the nightclub. 

Hu Bing, who was squatting there and smoking the whole time, stood up and said to those rich heirs that were on the ground. “Li Wei, if you guys want to keep playing, then the Special Forces Club will play with you.”

Li Wei looked at Hu Bing with his swollen face and scorned, “What qualifications do you have to represent the Special Forces Club?”

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