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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 324.1

Chapter 324: The Madam that was Imprisoned (Part one)

At the bottom of the Kunlun Snow Mountain, some snow had melted into the river which ran into a waterfall at the waist of the mountain. There was a luxurious villa estate that was more than a hundred acres in size. It also contained a large natural park and several hot springs. The place was surrounded by gorgeous mountains and rivers and was accompanied by great Fengshui, making this place almost like a hidden paradise tucked away from the modern world.

At the gate of the estate, there was a huge plaque hanging, and it read – Ye Manor.

This place had a long history. It had aspects of luxurious modern construction, but the villas and interiors were made of the best wood and craftsmanship, retaining the ancient style with brick and tile buildings. The fields of the manor were even filled with birds and flowers.

An extended Maybach entered the manor ground and headed directly to the dungeon below the waterfall in the manor’s backyard. 

The dungeon had thick steel gates. Other than a sky window that would allow some natural light in, you couldn’t see anything from the dungeon without opening the door, and all you could hear were the peaceful river, birds, and wind.

A woman of about 40-years-old disembarked from the car and walked to the dungeon and had the guards open the iron gate. Behind the bars inside the dungeon, one could see a madam with her eyes closed chanting scriptures. Age had left no marks on her face. She was already over 50, yet she still kept her looks from her thirties, her most beautiful years. However, not the slightest emotion could be observed from her face, and she would chant the scriptures every day with her eyes closed.

Outside the bars, the middle-aged woman’s heart would ache every time she saw this.

With her hands on the bars, she sobbed, “Madam, yesterday, at a cemetary in Shangcheng, I found the tombstone for a man named Xu Zhengxiong.”

The madam inside the cell immediately stopped what she was doing, her lips stopped reciting the scriptures. 

“It’s Master’s tombstone,” the lady sighed.

The madam’s eyes immediately opened, and a large teardrop quietly fell down.

She asked, “Who was the one that registered the grave?”

The lady said, word for word, “Xu, Cheng!”

The madam immediately stood up and came to the bars, crying, and she grabbed onto the lady’s hands and begged, “It’s my son, it’s my Cheng-er! My son Cheng-er! He’s still alive! That’s great news! He’s still alive! When did he build the tomb?”

The lady: “Yesterday.”

The madam nodded, clearly very excited. “Lan Ting, promise me, take good care of Cheng-er for me! You can’t let the Old Master know that my son with Zhengxiong is still alive! My Cheng-er cannot die!”

As she said her request, her face was already covered in tears. 

“Madam, don’t worry, young master is very well! Master hid him very well over the years!“

The madam couldn’t calm herself down at all, and she kept on crying as she asked, “Did you see Cheng-er? How is he? Is he doing well these years? His dad died twenty years ago, and after giving birth to him, I didn’t fulfill any responsibilities as a mother to him. After Zhengxiong died, I would chant Buddha scriptures every day, praying for the safety of my son. Did he suffer all these years? Lan Ting, please, I beg you, I want to see him. Can you bring me pictures of my Cheng-er? He’s the only one that’s keeping me alive right now. Please, I beg of you!”
Lan Ting also began crying as she replied, “Madam, don’t be like this, I will go and see Young Master. I will find a way for him to come and see you.”

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  1. Asuna Yukki

    Awww…. That’s so sad. I hope Xu Cheng and his mother can have a happy reunion.

  2. deemon900

    Just thought of him going to see her butt naked and invisible.

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