Chapter 324: The Madam that was Imprisoned (Part two)

“No!” The madam immediately became nervous as she anxiously said, “No! Don’t let him come! You must not let him know about this or he will be in danger. Protect him, or help him leave Huaxia and go to another country. I still have a lot of money on my private account, give it all to Cheng-er and help him go to another country and never come back! Even if the Old Master and the Ye Family don’t plan to harm Cheng-er, the Ryong Family won’t let him go.”

The Ryong Family was another family that was on the same level as the Ye Family.

“Madam, did you never think about leaving this place? Don’t you want to see Young Master?”

Two streams of tears rolled down the madam’s face as she leaned weakly against the wall and said quietly, “Of course, of course I want to. Everyday, I’ve dreamed of reuniting with Zhengxiong and our son, but later on, Zhengxiong came to save me, but he was beaten to death by the Old Master! I will never be able to forget how he died right in front of my eyes. I don’t want anyone to come and save me, because all the effort would be just in vain. All these years, just hearing that my son was out there alone felt like there were knives cutting my heart, and everyday, I would pray that my Cheng-er would be safe. I always worried how he was doing over these years, and whether he was bullied since he had no parents… He’s 27 years old now, right? I don’t even know if he found himself a wife yet… These are all the thoughts that are keeping me alive right now, and if Cheng-er’s dead too, I would end my life here to reunite with my husband and son.”

Speaking of this, the madam’s hands tightly grabbed onto Lan Ting’s as she begged, “Lan Ting, I know you saw how much I suffered over these years and always wanted to get me out, but I don’t want to anymore. I’ve already endured all these years, and now, my only wish is that my Cheng-er is safe. Don’t tell him about me, just say that I’m already dead and let him live on. Don’t try to get him to come and save me, I don’t want history to repeat itself again. I beg of you.”

Lan Ting lowered her head as tears dropped onto the ground. She gritted her teeth and nodded, and she said with difficulty, “Alright.”

She had been a servant of the madam since they were young, but who knew that the madam would encounter such an event, and who would’ve thought that the princess of the Ye Family would end up like this.

“Hurry and go and see Cheng-er, I will wait for you,” said the madam as she wiped her tears and looked at Lan Ting with glimmers of hope. 

Lan Ting nodded. ‘Alright, I will go and see Young Master right away. I will bring his photos here for you to see.”

The madam nodded, content. A smile finally surfaced on her face that hadn’t appeared in more than two decades. That smile was like a little child being very satisfied when given a piece of candy, yet he made Lan Ting’s heart ache even more.

Before Lan Ting left and the gate closed, she looked back at the madam in the cell. Seeing how she was smiling by herself, Lan Ting felt her heart sting even more. 

“Madam, even if no one comes to save you, I will still figure out a way to get you out of here,” Lan Ting gritted her teeth and said.

– Shangcheng  – 

At the hospital, Li Wei’s mom saw the injuries on his face and couldn’t be more furious. “Who did this to you?”

Li Wei answered impatiently, “Don’t get involved, it’s my business.”

Mommy Li: “You were beaten up into a swollen pig and you still don’t want Mom to get involved? Mom’s heart aches for you, do you know that? Tell me, who did this to you? No matter who it is, I can’t just let it go like this!”

Li Wei: “I was at fault first, and I couldn’t beat him fair and square. Don’t go after him and embarrass me!”

Mommy Li was fuming. “You got beaten up, that’s a slap to our Li Family’s face too! If your own parents don’t take care of this for you, how will the others look at us? Even if it was your fault, hitting you is hitting the Li Family’s face. I will take care of this!”

Then, Mommy Li rushed out of the hospital in rage.

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