Chapter 325: Just Like Before, Dripping Swag (Part one)

After waking up the next day, Xu Cheng began exercising in his gym. Hearing someone ringing his doorbell, he wiped his sweat off with his towel as he walked over to open the door.

Standing there was a middle-aged woman carrying a purse that was worth millions, and behind her were 6 muscular bodyguards. Her face was rigid and unfriendly, and upon seeing Xu Cheng, she immediately demanded, “You are Xu Cheng, right? You hit my son last night?”

Xu Cheng realized that it was the common “Hit the son, trigger the family” situation. He wasn’t too surprised, and he just curiously smiled and asked, “I hit too many people last night, which one was your kid?”

The woman snorted. “My son, Li Wei! The doctor said he had multiple bone fractures and that there is also internal bleeding that needs to be treated. He needs to be hospitalized for a long time. I just want to ask you, why did you hit people?”

Xu Cheng returned with a question, “Then I also want to ask, why did his buddy crash into my car? And why did they not reason with me, opting instead to try and beat me up? And why are you here questioning me when you know nothing and should be questioning your son right now? Just because of the six bodyguards standing behind you and the million-yuan bracelets, earrings, and the rest of the standard I’m-hella-rich set?”

The woman glanced at Xu Cheng from the corner of her eyes and sneered in disdain, “Is this the reason you hit my son? You are poor yourself, so you can’t tolerate other people being richer than you? I’ve seen too many people like you, someone that has nothing but a body of hot blood, someone that has nothing to lose and just goes around to bite other people like a mad dog. Since you like to hit people, then I’m here to teach you a lesson! It’s called hit and you will be hit.”

Then, she waved her hand, and the six bodyguards came over, ready to pound Xu Cheng’s face.

Xu Cheng was quick with his kicks and sent one directly towards the first guy between the legs. The latter didn’t even see when Xu Cheng threw his kick, and at the next instant, he felt his trouser region become all numb from pain as he held it with both hands and fell to the ground.

Xu Cheng then slapped the two coming up behind him with one hand per face, both of them falling back from the force with blood gushing out of their nostrils.

For the last three, Xu Cheng quickly side-kicked all three of them in the abdomen region, and those three directly flew out and were nailed into the wall.

Within just a minute, all six of them were down, leaving just the woman standing there, looking at Xu Cheng dumbfoundedly.

“Just get out, I’m afraid that even if I just touch you, a spoiled woman like you would die.” As Xu Cheng finished, he shut the door, too lazy to mind Li Wei’s mother.

Mommy Li just stood in place in rage, her face all red as she trembled in fury. She looked around at her bodyguards and cursed, “A bunch of garbage!”

Then, she walked into the elevator and immediately took out her cell phone to make a call.

“Hello? Deputy Director? I was just beaten by a little thug, don’t you think there’s a problem with Shangcheng’s law and order?”

“Who dares to hit you, Madam Li? Where are you right now? I can come over and help you right now.”

Mommy Li: “No need. I got the guy’s information already, you just have to go and arrest him. My bodyguards can testify that he hit me. This guy’s name is Xu Cheng, and I will send you his address in a bit.”

“Alright, I will go and arrest him right away.”

After Xu Cheng took a shower, he went to the kitchen and cracked two raw eggs directly into his mouth. The texture was pretty enjoyable. After changing into an outfit, before he opened the door, he already saw a bunch of police officers standing outside.

He bitterly smiled. This Mommy Li sure was efficient. 

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