Chapter 326: Who Spat? (Part one)

Xu Cheng took a huff of his cigarette and then glanced at the people of the Criminal Investigation Department, waving his hand. “Alright, alright, just scatter already. You guys are looking at me like a monkey at the zoo, I still prefer you all looking at me with admiration.”

Everyone laughed.

“Alright, just scatter already. I missed you guys, that’s why I came to see you,” Xu Cheng joked. 

Everyone bitterly smiled and almost all of them left.

Ran Jing stayed and looked at the Xu Cheng behind bars, saying, “Don’t worry, everyone will help out with this case, we won’t let the moles in the police station screw it up.”

Xu Cheng nodded. “That’s the good public servant I know. It’s all good, I will just hang out here for a few days.”

Wu Gang and Li Chao directly put aside the cases in their hands and followed up with Xu Cheng’s case.

Li Wei’s mom hosted the deputy director at the luxurious Li Family Mansion.

“It’s been awhile since you came over to have some tea.” Mommy Li smiled and poured some tea for the latter.

“Yeah, President Li is usually too busy, I definitely didn’t want to disturb him,” the deputy director smiled like an underling and said. 

“Oh, don’t worry, you can come over anytime,” Mommy Li smiled and replied.

“Oh, where’s Young Master Li?” the deputy director asked in curiosity.

Mommy Li sighed and said, “He’s at the hospital. He was beaten up last night. He’s such a good kid yet he still got beat up, it really makes me worried as a parent. The one that assaulted him was that Xu Cheng, and that’s why I told you to arrest him.”

“Where’s the justice in that? Don’t worry, Mrs. Li, but this Xu Cheng… Hold on a second, Madam, which Xu Cheng are you talking about?”

Mommy Li was a bit confused, “Could it be that you know a Xu Cheng as well?”

The deputy director paused for a moment. “There’s indeed a Xu Cheng I know, and he was one of our officers. Later on, he decided to resign and return to the military.”

Mommy Li frowned. “Then it should be the same guy. I saw that he’s pretty good at fighting. So what you are saying is, it won’t be possible for me to press charges against him?”

The deputy director looked seemed to be in a difficult spot. “Please wait for me for a second, I will call and confirm.”

Then, he made a call, and after asking, he hung up. He seemed to be in a pickle. “I know this Xu Cheng’s temper, he’s not going to apologize, and if you want him to get beaten up in jail, I also wouldn’t be able to do it.”

Mrs. Li’s eyes narrowed. “Why not?”

Deputy Director: “Madam, you don’t know this, but this Xu Cheng was the main guy involved in  resolving the North and West Gate cases in the past. I think you probably heard about how those two gangs got wiped out. Although resigned, Xu Cheng still has quite a high level of prestige at the HQ, and those officers at the Criminal Investigation Department are all pretty close to him. If I get officers to give him a hard time when interrogating him, those people will probably give me a lot of trouble.”

A hint of discontent flashed past Mrs. Li’s face. “Deputy Director, then did my son just taking a beating for nothing? You must remember how you got to where you are today.”

The deputy director awkwardly replied, “I know, but because I just got promoted, I shouldn’t do anything that causes trouble. Madam, you might know this, but the former director, who is now the current mayor, admires Xu Cheng very much. It would be difficult to respond to him if he were to find out about this. After all, Xu Cheng used to be a police officer as well, and his case will definitely receive more attention.”

Mrs. Li raised her voice by a few pitches and said, “Deputy Director Zheng, do I have to give my husband a call and have him talk to you about this?”

Deputy Director: “Uh…”

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