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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 326.2

Chapter 326: Who Spat? (Part two)

Mrs. Li calmed her tone and poured him more tea as she said, “Don’t worry, our Li Family sees and remembers everything Deputy Director Zheng does for us.”

Deputy Director Zheng sighed. “I know, but Madam, if someone else is involved in this matter, then it would be out of my control.”

Mrs. Li nodded. “Okay, I have other means to get someone else to step in. But I will need your help tonight.”

The Li Family also had more connections.

The deputy director nodded.

– At night – 

A couple of recidivists in the jail were taking a nap. At that time, an officer came to them, woke them up, and quietly said, “Do you want to leave early?”

These recidivists all used to work as muscle for North Gate. During these days, they were really in need of some money again so their old habits relapsed and they got caught robbing a store. They definitely wanted to leave early, so they all came closer and looked over at the officer.

“There’s a thug next door refusing to plead guilty, but we, the police, have to follow the law and can’t beat him into submission. You guys know what I mean, right?”

Those people immediately nodded. “Understood. You want his leg or arm broken or something?”

Officer: “No need, just get a few bruises on his face.”

Those recidivists were all really excited. “Deal!”

The officer said to them, “I will put you guys in his cell in a bit, and you guys can just find a random reason to beat him up. After you guys are done, I will come over and bring you away. Remember, just need to teach him a lesson.”

Those thugs nodded and all couldn’t wait. 

The officer opened the cell and brought the four recidivists into Xu Cheng’s cell.

Xu Cheng was laying on his back sleeping, and he covered his head with his jacket so he didn’t have to see the light above his head.

At that moment, the officer came over and opened the door. He shouted and did his part of the act, “I’m warning you guys, don’t mess around. Just stay here for two days with no trouble and you guys can go.”

Those four guys all nodded. “Got it, Officer.”

After the officer let them in and locked the gate, he gave them a look, signaling them to do it fast, and then he walked away.

Those four guys came to Xu Cheng’s side, and one of them deliberately spat at Xu Cheng. 

The spit landed on Xu Cheng’s coat.

Then, the four of them looked at Xu Cheng. He still laid there, but his voice already sounded, “Who spat? Come and lick it clean.”

“Oh, my bad, I didn’t know someone was laying here,” the guy that spat said, and then he spat again.

This time, Xu Cheng directly stood up. He looked down at his coat. Under the dim light, those four couldn’t see Xu Cheng’s face when his head was down.

But, when Xu Cheng lifted his head slowly and looked at them, those four guys were so frightened that they directly fell onto their bums. 

They would never forget this face for their whole lives! Maybe their next lives too!

Police Tiger!

The four thugs that were surrounding Xu Cheng just moments ago now were all like mice that saw a cat as they ran to the bars and shouted, “What the fack, why do you have to set us up like that? What crime did we commit that you have to set us up like that and get us killed?!”

Xu Cheng’s grim-reaper-like voice sounded again, “I’m asking again, who spat?”

“Me-me-me, me!” The guy that spat immediately ran back to Xu Cheng, sliding down on his knees and stopping before him.

Xu Cheng passed his coat to him. “Lick it clean.”

“Yes, Sir!”

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