Chapter 327: Released (Part one)

Xu Cheng just looked as the guy that spat licked it clean. That guy then took his clothes, smiled ingratiatingly, and said, “Big Brother Cheng, I will go and dry it for you.”


Xu Cheng halted the guy. That guy immediately shivered, and he turned around, not knowing whether he should cry right now or squeeze out a smile. All in all, he was very scared of Xu Cheng.

Seeing the tattoo on them, Xu Cheng realized that these guys used to work for North Gate. Now it was not strange anymore that they were so scared of him. 

“What are you guys here for?’

The four of them didn’t know how to reply.

“Speak!” Xu Cheng raised his voice a bit, and he scared those guys into immediately confessing, “We robbed a store and got caught. Big Brother Cheng, give us another chance, we will be good citizens in the future for sure!”

“Yeah, yeah, if it wasn’t because we got fired and my family got sick, we wouldn’t have picked up our old profession.”

“Big Brother Cheng, you have to believe me… After North Gate went down, all of us lived like mice, and if it wasn’t because we had no choice, we wouldn’t have picked up our old job…”

Xu Cheng: “Does that count as a reason?”

The four of them immediately shook their heads. “No, no, no, no, no…”
Xu Cheng gestured with his finger at them to tell them to come over. After being dumbfounded for a brief second, they immediately came closer timidly.

Xu Cheng smacked one of them on the head and said, “You guys aren’t even afraid of beating people up? You have the muscles and strong limbs, and you are afraid you can’t find a job to feed yourselves?”

The four of them all had their heads lowered and remained silent.

Xu Cheng sighed. “My cig is done, who has some more?”

One of them immediately came closer, passed one to him, and then pulled out a lighter to light it for him.

The officer outside was still quite puzzled as to why he wasn’t hearing anything. When he quietly came closer, he was dumbfounded by what he saw.

Those four muscular thugs were right now kneeling around Xu Cheng like good students listening to the lecture of a saint.

Xu Cheng was leaning against the wall, his saliva flying as he smoked and lectured them at the same time. Those four didn’t even dare to lift up their head. The officer was completely lost, wondering if he got the wrong script or walked into the wrong scene or something.

Just then, out came a thirty-year-old man in glasses walking in anxiously. Behind him followed a captain who was saying, “Secretary Wang, Xu Cheng’s case still hasn’t been investigated. We can’t release him like this…”

Secretary Wang walked in as he said, “Do you know who you guys arrested? He’s the former Team 2 Captain in the Criminal Investigation Department. If you got half a brain cell, you will know he’s the pride of the police force! Right now, for Shangcheng to have this kind of harmonious vibe in the society, most of the credit goes to him. Where were your brains when you arrested him?”

Captain: “But Secretary Wang, my higherup told me that it was because he was a member of the police force, that’s why we should treat this case even more seriously. You have to know that if a member of royalty breaks the law, he should be subjected to the same punishment as ordinary people.”

Secretary Wang: “What law did he break? Who did he hit? The guys at the Criminal Investigation Department already wrote a detailed report and handed it in. You can release him now.”

Captain: “Sorry, I only recognize the documents from my higher ups.”

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