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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 327.2

Chapter 327: Released (Part two)

Secretary Wang: “Document? What document? I came here representing the mayor, do you want him to call you and ask for your permission as well?”

The captain was directly shocked.

When the two came to the jail cell, they were just on time to see Xu Cheng disciplining the four recidivists. “If I see you guys coming in again this time, don’t even think about being released so easily, got it?”
Those four nodded like chicken pecking rice.

Secretary Wang said to the captain that was responsible for detaining Xu Cheng, “Do you see? He didn’t even forget to discipline criminals with records to be good men in the future when he got arrested. Such a good citizen with good discipline, you think he would walk the wrong path and break the law? Are you seeing this? Those four repeat offenders are being brainwashed by him into not breaking the law in the future just like that, you guys must be stupid to be in such a hurry to arrest him right after receiving a report. Facking release him already, and if you dare to block my way, I will go straight to your director!”

“Ye-ye-ye-yes, Sir! Release him!” The captain was out of options. In fact, he had been trying to drag this on, hoping that the thugs inside could teach Xu Cheng a lesson. But who knew things would turn out like this.

This captain went directly into the cell after his guy opened the gate, and he helped Xu Cheng up from the bench, smiling ingratiatingly.

Xu Cheng stood up, patted the dust off his pants, and asked him, “I’m not guilty anymore?”

The captain shook his head. “No, you are free to go.”

Xu Cheng nodded. He looked around, and then he suddenly threw a kick at the captain!

The captain kneeled on the ground in pain and kept coughing.

Xu Cheng crouched down and said to him, “If you are going to be a police officer, don’t be a weed that falls in whatever direction the wind blows! Otherwise, you are insulting the policeman profession.”

The other officers all got their batons out and were ready to threaten Xu Cheng, and Xu Cheng just took out a military officer badge and said, “Come on! Who wants to fight? I kicked him because of his inability to properly enforce the law. In the morning, you guys came to me, and as a citizen, I can cooperate. But, since you guys couldn’t find me guilty in anything and still wasted 24 hours of my time, then I want to ask, did you feed your ability to enforce the law to dogs or something? Now, as a colonel of the 5th Military Region, I am pressing charges against you for forgetting professional conduct as a police officer and enforcing law for personal interest. I think you guys don’t need to wear this uniform anymore.”

That captain’s face immediately changed upon hearing this, and he hurriedly went up to hug Xu Cheng’s leg, begging, “It’s not really our fault, we are just following orders, or else where would we get the authority… Please let us go!”

The others all kept on nodding. “We don’t know anything, it’s the higher ups that gave us the orders and we could only follow.”

Xu Cheng looked at that captain and said, looking down, “You are saying you don’t know anything?”

That captain’s face became a bit unnatural. 

Xu Cheng kicked him away. “I followed your protocols, so now you can accept the investigation and go through the protocols as well. If you are innocent, the audit team will give you a fair result.”

Then, Xu Cheng walked out of the cell.

One of the thugs back in there immediately came after him and said, “Big Brother Cheng, your coat is dried and ready.”

Xu Cheng grabbed it and put it on and then left.

Secretary Wang followed after him and said, “The mayor knew you were wronged for sure so he sent me here to bail you out. Are you okay?”

Xu Cheng said, “I’m fine, it’s just that some people’s means are a bit disgusting.” 

He thought to himself, Li Family, don’t say I didn’t warn you guys. Since you want to play, then I will play with you!

After bidding farewell with Secretary Wang, Hu Bing just arrived in his car. “Big Brother Cheng, what happened? I didn’t even know you got arrested.”

“Nothing.” Xu Cheng shook his head and got into the car.

After driving off, Hu Bing asked, “Need me to do something?”

Xu Cheng: “Is it going to be difficult for your family to trip over the Li Family?”

Hu Bing sighed for a bit and said, “A bit. My dad just got transferred here. Although he’s the boss, you know we wouldn’t want to get into a conflict with the star companies here. Shangcheng prioritizes economic development so it’s going to be tough. At least we have to wait until my dad gets some political achievements first to stabilize his position. If we provoke one of the big four families with no justifiable reason, then all four of them would most likely team up. By then, my dad will be in a difficult situation.”

Xu Cheng nodded and understood. This was also why Li Wei and those other 3 Young Masters didn’t give Hu Bing any face earlier. 

It looked like he would have to take care of the Li Family himself.

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  1. I’m not sure I understand what’s happening, TL. We’ve been having 6 chapters weekly already (that’s 2 on Friday) So our goal now should be 7 chapters weekly instead of 6; isn’t it?
    And then if it is so, you promised an extra chapter which never came…still expecting it.
    Thanks for the hardwork, TL.

    • noodletowntranslated

      Hi Anita, actually, we dropped to 5 chapters per week, and the 6th one is the bonus we are talking about, sorry if the post wasn’t clear enough and caused confusion

  2. Also, chapter 327 is not accessible. The link in my email indicates chapter 327 but it’s actually chapter 326 that has been repeated.

    • noodletowntranslated

      ohh is 327 able to be accessed now? Sometimes if we do the post but with the wrong link, and then we change the link afterward, it wouldn’t get fixed in your email because the email was already sent out.
      Sorry for any inconvenience, we will be more careful in the future

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