Chapter 328: Being Dragged to Apologize (Part one)

Li Hui was the chairman of the Li Group. After the evening meeting, he had gotten into  his Bentley and was being driven his way home when he was suddenly stopped by an extended sedan at the front. 

A guy in a suit stepped off of the sedan and knocked on Li Hui’s glass window, saying, “Our Boss wants to have a word with you.”

Li Hui didn’t take it seriously. He just had his driver, who was also his bodyguard, get off the car and talk.

“Who are you?”

That driver was just about to shout when the guy in the suit grabbed him by the hair and slammed his head into the backseat window. The glass shattered, and the driver was already unconscious. The guy in the suit looked at Li Hui inside the car and said, “Please.”

Li Hui obviously had no other choice. He opened the door and walked towards the extended Maybach.

When he got in, he saw a lady in her forties. That lady directly said, “A man is most annoyed when his woman creates trouble for him. Mr. Li, I think you should look after your wife more and don’t let her hit a rock, thinking it’s an egg. This advice isn’t just for her but you as well. Don’t let the Li Family offend someone out of their league, or else… you and your wife should be careful…”

The lady paused briefly. “Or you will evaporate from this world.” 

Li Hui was also a big businessman that had been through storms and waves. He narrowed his eyes and said, “Don’t you think your words are a bit exaggerated? I have been running the Li Group for so many years, what kind of storms and waves have I not seen? Don’t you think it takes more to threaten me?’

The lady smiled. “Oh really? Then what about this plaque?”

Then, she took out a mini plaque with gold borders and the word “Ye” carved on it.

When Li Hui saw it, his face lost all color.

“This is… the Ye Family?” Li Hui felt chills down his back. 

If the Ye Family were to make a move, then it would be more than enough to make him and his wife evaporate from the face of this earth without leaving behind any traces! Even if someone were to find out who was behind it, they would only close the case right away!

Seeing Li Hui sweating buckets from his forehead, the lady said, “Now, do you think we are competent enough to threaten you?”

Li Hui swallowed his spittle. “Yes. What is it that you want me to do?”

Lady: “I want your wife to go and apologize to the one she offended. Now, immediately. Or else, you two won’t live to see tomorrow’s sunrise. Don’t think that I’m bluffing, you only get one opportunity. Cai, send this guest away!”

The man in the suit outside opened the door and threw Li Hui out onto the ground. Then, closing the door, he went to the driver’s seat and drove off.

Li Hui’s heart was thumping like a frog in his chest. Thinking about his wife, he immediately got into the car and drove home himself, with his bodyguard in the backseat and the broken back window. 

After he got back home, he saw his wife hanging up and then angrily talking to herself, “This mayor seems like he won’t do us any favors. Fine, we will just move our company out of Shangcheng and we will see how he handles that!”

Seeing her actually daring to say such bold words, Li Hui suppressed his rage and walked in.

Seeing him walk in, his wife began complaining, “Your son got beat up, do you know? Have you not gone to the hospital? Did you now see how severely injured he was? He was beaten that badly, you are the father yet why are you dodging my calls?”

Li Hui began spitting fire. “Isn’t that little [email protected] spoiled by you? You are such a facking failure as a mother! Let me ask you, did you do something today?’

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