Chapter 329: You Are Not Qualified to Say That About Your Mother (Part one)

Luo Xinfeng tugged on Xu Cheng’s pants and kept on begging.

“I was wrong, Mr. Xu, I’m just an ignorant woman and I don’t know any better. I didn’t use my brain when doing things and ended up offending you. Please forgive me and my family!”

Xu Cheng said with a blank expression, “Who told you to do this?”

Li Hui: “Me! It was me! Mr. Xu, if my son offended you in anyway, I will represent the whole Li Family to apologize to you. If you need anything, just let me know and I will definitely try my very best to answer all requests.”

Xu Cheng: “What I meant was who told you two to come over and apologize? Just today during the day, judging from the tone of this lady, she didn’t seem to respect me at all, and she even used other means when I was temporarily detained at the police station.”

Li Hui’s face changed and he roared at his wife, “What else did you do?!”

Luo Xinfeng directly began kowtowing. “Mr. Xu, please forgive me. I was too blind to see Mount Tai, I definitely won’t make the same mistakes again, never again… I’m just an ignorant b—tch…”

Xu Cheng looked at her injuries and curiously asked, “What’s with the bruises on you?”

Luo Xinfeng immediately replied, “I brought these all upon myself, I deserve it!”

Xu Cheng just stood there and looked. The couple saw that he wasn’t talking and they didn’t know what else they should do. Li Hui became even more anxious as he kicked his wife again and shouted, “I facking told you to remain low-key, look at who you offended! I’m going to beat you to death!”

He grabbed Luo Xinfeng’s hair and slapped her. Luo Xinfeng immediately let out a miserable cry that sounded like a pig getting slaughtered. She kept on begging Xu Cheng, “Mr. Xu, Mr. Xu, save me! Mr. Xu, I know I was wrong, please save me!”

Xu Cheng also saw that Li Hui wasn’t acting but really hitting his wife!

He waved his hand. “Alright, alright, I can forgive you guys. Tell me, who told you to come over and apologize?”

Li Hui wanted to say something but paused. He continued, “She didn’t say, but she should be your guardian of some sort.”

Upon hearing the word “guardian”, Xu Cheng’s pupils contracted.

He was silent for a long time before finally opening his mouth, “You are free to go, I forgive you.”

A smile immediately surfaced on Li Hui’s face. “Hurry up and thank Young Master Xu!”

Luo Xinfeng hurriedly nodded. “Thank you, Young Master Xu!”

“Just go, stop standing here and sobbing,” Xu Cheng faintly said. From the “Young Master” title plus the series of events, Xu Cheng already guessed who was behind it.
“Yes, yes!” Li Hui immediately pulled Luo Xinfeng up and bowed before quickly leaving. 

After getting into the elevator, Luo Xinfeng was still sobbing and didn’t dare to say a word. Li Hui sighed. “Be more careful in the future. Although the Li Family has some foundation in Shangcheng, in Yanjing, we are really very small characters. In the future, you will slowly understand that some families are existences that we cannot provoke. Even their sneeze is enough to blow us apart!”

Xu Cheng closed the door and went back to his bedroom to sleep. But just after a few steps, he heard the doorbell ring again.

He turned around towards the door and could see Lan Ting outside. She stood there, gracefully, while Xu Cheng was observing her through the door, hesitating whether he should open the door.

Both of them waited for a full five minutes. Lan Ting wasn’t in a hurry as well. After she rang the doorbell, she had just been standing there. She wasn’t going to leave if Xu Cheng didn’t open the door.

Finally, Xu Cheng opened the door.

The moment Lan Ting saw Xu Cheng, her eyes became red.

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