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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 329.2

Chapter 329: You Are Not Qualified to Say That About Your Mother (Part two)

Xu Cheng said with a blank expression, “What is it?”

“Alike!” Lan Ting murmured. “Too alike! Little boy, your name is Xu Cheng, right?”

“You got the wrong person.” Right after Xu Cheng said that, he was about to close the door. But, Lan TIng directly put her hand in between the door and frame, not minding at all if Xu Cheng’s door painfully presses onto the back of her hand. 

“Can we talk?” Lan Ting asked imploringly.

“I don’t want to talk with strangers.” Xu Cheng wasn’t interested.

Lan Tin immediately said, “You already recognized who I am, right?”

“Only a few people in Shangcheng can intimidate the Li Family, and it was also the first time I saw how people of their status could put themselves that low and beg. Li Hui was beating the crap out of his wife, and that’s enough to show how terrified he was towards those that gave him the order. Besides, how Li Hui addressed me as ‘Young Master Xu’ was enough to expose your background. If I’m not wrong, you are someone from the Ye Family.”

Lan Ting smiled and nodded. “Child, you are indeed very smart.”

Xu Cheng sneered, “If I was an ordinary person, could I have lived to this day?”

This remark contained hints of mockery, and he then questioned, “Are you here to kill me? The Ye Family really is efficient, I just publicized my relationship with my dad with his tomb and you guys are already here. It looks like the Ye Family really can’t allow me to exist.”

Lan Ting said, “It’s not the Ye Family that can’t tolerate your existence, it’s the Ryong Family! As for what happened to your dad, I can only apologize to you.”

“You shut up!” Xu Cheng’s eyes suddenly became bloodshot as he furiously said, “Are you Ye Family people still qualified to say sorry to me? I don’t accept it! I will never accept it, and if you want to kill or fight, just bring it on! I will just face it head on! Go and tell that woman, I will never forgive her for my dad’s death! If I don’t destroy the Ye Family in this lifetime, I don’t deserve to be a member of the Xu Family!”

Lan Ting became anxious. “How could you think that way? You really think it’s the Ye Family that killed your father?”

“Isn’t it?” Xu Cheng approached, and he said in deep and hoarse voice, “For this woman, my dad wasn’t willing to leave Huaxia. How is this woman worthy of even being my mother?”


Lan Ting’s slap directly landed on Xu Cheng’s face. That 40-year-old face of hers was wrinkingly with tears. “Anyone in this world could question the love between your parents, but you can’t! If it weren’t for their love, where would you come from? Let me tell you, child, the one that killed your father isn’t the Ye Family but the Ryong Family! You think I’m here to hurt you after finding you as fast as I could? I’m here to save you, for a woman that had been worrying sick for her son! If your mom could, why wouldn’t she go and visit your dad’s tomb? Why didn’t she come and see you? Have you thought about that? Just now, you were able to infer my background so logically with detail, then why didn’t you try to think about what was the case between your parents? You are already blinded by hatred, and that’s why you think it was your mom that caused the death of your father, right?”

“Even if that wasn’t the case, it still had a direct connection with her!”

Lan Ting: “Even so, you are still not qualified to talk about your mother like that. Your father was willing to go through hell and sacrifice himself for the woman he loves, who are you to blame your mother? Your father’s dead, and you think your mom isn’t in pain? Let me tell you, if it wasn’t because she was still worried about you, she would’ve already hung herself to be with your dad! It’s all because of you! You don’t understand how a mother feels when her child is out there by himself without a home. It’s been over 20 years, and even though I don’t have a child, I could feel the kind of suffering your mom is experiencing. Is your heart made of iron?”

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  1. Redlaw

    Sigh. I hate drama like that.

    • I bet the whole thing started way back because some dipshit young master from the Ryong family lusted after his mother, the Ye family planned to have them marry but she fell for his father instead and ended up having Xu Cheng. In a rage, the Ryong Family had his father killed.

      Now, there’s a few different variants with this scenario that are theoretically possible:
      1. The Ryong Family powerful enough to threaten the Ye family, in which case the marriage would have been a forced demand. In this case, his mother would be locked up so the Ryongs couldnt target her directly. – Possible, though if the case would make the whole saga extremely absurd and straight out of one of the shitty versions of this type of novel.
      2. The Ye Family wanted to marry his mother off for connections thus agreed to the Ryong family because they’d get connections. Cue the rebellious relationship with Xu Cheng’s father and the result. His mother gets locked away and punishment by the family and the Ryong family have his father killed because they feel cuckolded (for insane and braindead reasons). Thus both families would be shitty in this case.

      I honestly think 2 is more likely and, if it ends up being true, i hope he absolutely ends up obliterating both families for it, even if his mother (in the off chance) begs him to spare the Ye family. I’d take having them rendered absolutely powerless, statusless and bankrupt would be the minimum with the Ryongs being completely wiped out to prevent them coming back.

      • noodletowntranslated

        haha Sabruness, you r on point with your predictions!

        • Which one though? #1 or #2? Any idea how long this particular arc’s gonna be?

          • noodletowntranslated

            #2, i meant u were on point with how u thought #2 was more likely as well

  2. To be fair to my good pal #2, it’s not like his ma has provided any previous indication of her affection. Can’t ask for a reasonable deduction when there is no evidence to lead to conclusion.

    Are the predictions on point then? Well that’s fine, I look forward to it either way. …. Predictions like that remind me of LOHP though… Plenty of straightforward progression and easy predictions, only to get our brains blown on the big one! Ahh… That was fun…

    Ah. I still look forward to what comes next in Ace though! Thanks Noodletown for your work!!!

    • noodletowntranslated

      haha enjoy your stay hommie! I think at this point we’ve all ready too many novels to be able to tell where the story’s going sometimes, but don’t worry, AOTDD’s a refreshing one and you will be caught off guard by some of the plot twists and turns

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