Chapter 330: Who Tells Me to Leave? I Will Kick Him Out! (Part one)

Lan Ting was almost shouting when she said that. Then, she continued, “Fine, since you think your mother deserves it, just pretend I never visited. I will go back and tell your mother, Young Master already died 20 years ago, and that way she can drop all worries and go to reunite with the man she loves. In addition, I came here today under your mother’s request to tell you to leave this place. She has some savings overseas and she wants to give it to you to leave Huaxia. The Ryong Family will find you, so you should take care of yourself.”

Then, Lan Ting turned around and left.

Xu Cheng stood there and faintly said, “I want you to tell me everything that happened, and don’t add or change anything!”

Seeing Lan Ting stopped in her tracks, he said to her, “Come in, let’s talk.”

Lan Ting walked into the dining room and sat onto the sofa. Xu Cheng poured her a cup of tea, and Lan Ting immediately took the cup over from Xu Cheng’s hands and said, “Young Master, no need to be this formal.” 

“If it wasn’t because I want to know more about my dad, I wouldn’t have opened the door for you in the first place,” Xu Cheng said. 

Lan Ting smiled. “Your temperament is really like Madam. She can be really cold and prideful too and not give anyone face.”

Xu Cheng: “If you are not going to say it, you can leave now.”

Lan Ting smiled more and said, “Look, it’ looks like the apple does not fall far from the tree.”

Xu Cheng was speechless.

Lan Ting waved her hand. “Alright, then let me begin.”

“Your mother is the cherished jewel of the Ye Family, the most beloved daughter of the Old Master. Those that came to propose an arranged marriage were either rich or powerful, and just from the military field alone, even the lowest status suitors were commanders. But, Old Master picked the eldest son of the Ryong Family, Ryong Xiao! The Ryong Family was an existence no less than the Ye Family, and it was clear how much Old Master loved Madam, or else he wouldn’t have found such a reliable man for her.”

Speaking of this, Lan Ting sighed, “It’s just that because of how Madam is, she was only willing to follow her heart, and her heart was taken by your father. Back then, the Old Master arranged a marriage for the Madam to Ryong Xiao without her knowledge, and both families even picked a good day for the marriage to take place. However, when Madam found out about it, she ran away from home, and it was during those days did she meet your father, Xu Zhengxiong, and fell in love with him. Back then, your father didn’t know about Madam’s identity, and Madam was usually using his money. Your dad was also willing to take out his savings for your mom to spend. Later on, I went to pick up our Madam to go home, and I can still remember what they said. Madam said to your father, ‘After departing today, I don’t know when we can meet again. Maybe this is the last time we will see each other.’ Back then, your father was a simple soldier, and he said to your mother, ‘I can feed you, maybe just stay.’”

Lan Ting chuckled, and she tried to imitate Xu Zhengxiong’s tone at that time and was kind of funny.

She continued, “At that time, your mom said to your father, ‘Okay, then come to my house to pick me up, and I will follow you for sure!’” 

“Then, your father actually managed to find the Ye Family, and even when he learned that your mother was the treasured daughter of the Ye Family, he still risked his life to climb up to your mother’s window. For that courage, your mother ran away with him.”

Remembering this, Lan Ting had a warm smile on her face as she thought back to the good times.

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