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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 330.2

Chapter 330: Who Tells Me to Leave? I Will Kick Him Out! (Part two)

“And then I was born, right?” Xu Cheng interjected.

Lan Ting nodded. “Then, the Ryong Family was furious. It was such an embarrassing and humiliating thing for the Ryong Family for that the eldest son Ryong Xiao’s fiance ran away with another man. It was especially humiliating for Ryong Xiao, someone that was extremely conceited. Because of this, he caused a huge commotion at the Ye Family. In his eyes, your mother basically cuckolded him, and he definitely couldn’t tolerate your father! Even if the Ye Family didn’t go after your father, the Ryong Family definitely wouldn’t have let him live. Originally, they would have enjoyed the rest of their lives together. Then, you were born, and you became the anchor weighing them down. Maybe after becoming a parent, Madam began to think for her child. She knew that two lovers could die together to be together forever, but you couldn’t! You were innocent, and they had to think about your future. So, your mother came back to beg the Old Master, hoping that he could give her and your father his blessing. But, the Ryong Family definitely wouldn’t let this go, so the Old Master couldn’t favor your mother on this event as well. Ultimately, to protect her, he locked her up in the Ye Family. That way, no matter how angry Ryong Xiao is, he wouldn’t dare to kill her. But, your father was not as lucky. Originally, if he just left with you, as long as he doesn’t come back, he could at least live longer.”

Xu Cheng quietly said, “That year, I was four years old. I saw other people all had a family but I didn’t, I always asked my dad where my mom went. Then, he told me, he will go and get my mom. I believed him. It’s just that I didn’t know, he actually went back to court death!”

Lan Ting nodded. “He indeed went to find your mother. Upon seeing your mom locked up in the dungeon, he tried to break in by force. It was Ryong Xiao that killed him! In front of your mother! At that time, your mom seemed to have aged a lot in just one night. She held your dad’s dead body and cried her eyes out. It was as if she changed into a completely different person, and she was not thinking straight. After a few days, she wanted to end her own life, and I told her that she still has a son and that she needs to wait at least until you are older. Just then was your mother barely able to rekindle her hope to live. Just like that, she lived in the dungeon for 20 years, and over these years she had never given up to find you. This was also why I could find you right away after you registered your father’s tomb. It was because no one is more worried than a mother for her son.”

She looked at Xu Cheng and said, “Do you know that you revealing your identity as Xu Zhengxiong’s son will attract life-threatening trouble your way? Today, I’m not here to convince you to forgive your mother nor does she expect you to. She said that she hadn’t fulfilled her responsibilities as a mother, so she could only pray for you every day that you could be safe. This time, she told me to come here and tell you to leave Huaxia and be careful of the Ryong Family. It’s because you are now the tainted spot of the current clan leader, Ryong Xiao. He won’t allow you to exist.”

Xu Cheng sat down in a daze, he was lost.

Lan Ting took out a Swiss Bank card and put it on the table. “Take this card, the password is your dad’s birthday. Leave Huaxia and don’t come back.”
Xu Cheng looked at the card and laughed, with a hint of irony. “I already left for 22 years! Now, I’m back, and I don’t want to leave again! Whoever wants me to leave, I will kick them out myself! Doesn’t matter if it’s the Ryong Family or someone else!”

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I was 100% dead on with my predictions last (full) chapter. I think every single point i made in my predictions was a bullseye.
    Ryong family still need utter wiped-off-the-face-of-the-earth obliteration but as for his maternal grandfather…. a heavy, thorough pulverizing to the brink of death will be suitable… while Xu Cheng is tearing him to shreds verbally and calling him out for being such an a-----e. If Xu Cheng’s maternal grandfather really honestly cared that much about his mother, he wouldnt have been all secretive about basically trying to shanghai her into a marriage with a conceited narcissist.

  2. tiirent

    lmaooo word for word

    thanks for the chapter!

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