Chapter 332: Met But Cannot Acknowledge (Part one)

– At the stream running through the waist of Kunlun Snow Mountain – 

Xu Cheng walked along the river and found a set of buildings that looked like a rural paradise from the ancient times.

He knew he couldn’t barge in by force with his current capabilities, so the only thing he could do to get in was to go invisible.

He stripped himself naked. If someone were to see him, they would for sure be shocked to see how some naked guy was just standing in the snow but wasn’t afraid of the cold at all, besides being shocked by the fact that there was a naked guy to begin with. 

That’s right, he was confused too. He was in a snowy environment and normal people wouldn’t be able to stand this climate, yet he didn’t feel even the slightest hint of coldness despite getting butt naked. Xu Cheng thought it might have something to do with the water bear genes. 

It was indeed the organism with the most powerful adaptability on Earth. 

Just then, he heard footsteps and two men in military winter coats ran over.

One of them said, a bit confused, “I felt the presence of someone here, but why is there no one?”

The other guy saw the clothes in the snow. “Someone was indeed here.”

They picked up the clothes and took them away. “Let’s go and report, we have an uninvited guest.”

When those two left, Xu Cheng followed them unhurriedly. He was invisible right now so those two couldn’t see him at all.

One of them suddenly stopped in his tracks. “Wait a second, do you feel that someone is following us?”

“Are you thinking too much? It’s broad daylight and I don’t see anyone even remotely close to us.” 

“No, but I’m hearing footsteps that aren’t ours.”

Hearing this, Xu Cheng realized that these two were very attentive to details. His steps weren’t in sync with those two, and although invisible, he could still make sounds. 

After being suspicious for a bit, the two finally continued towards the Ye Manor’s gate. This time, Xu Cheng walked at the same pace as the other two. After they got to the gate of the Ye Manor, he looked up at the plaque above it. Then, when the patrolling soldiers greeted the two guards at the gate, Xu Cheng quickly ran through the opening of the gate.

The gust of wind made the two guards feel that something seemed abnormal.

“Did you feel that something went in?”

Upon hearing this, Xu Cheng was a bit surprised. The Ye Family indeed had a lot of masters, they could even detect the subtle flow of air.

Xu Cheng didn’t slow down and quickly went in to find the place his mother was being imprisoned in. After searching for a while and beginning to feel that Lan Ting might be lying to him, he arrived at a waterfall behind the courtyard and accidently caught the underground cave entrance behind it by a glance. There was an iron fence gate blocking it.

After slowly approaching, he saw a lady sitting inside.

She had her hair down, and she was holding onto a buddha bead bracelet with one hand and knocking on a wooden fish with the other. She looked very thin and weak. Standing there and looking at the lady, Xu Cheng’s eyes became a bit lost.

Is this my mom? So that woman didn’t lie to me. This is the woman my dad loved for his whole life?

Just then, a Maybach drove in, and a 40-year-old-looking woman came off. That’s right, it was Lan Ting who had just met Xu Cheng yesterday.

Xu Cheng immediately went to the side, afraid of coming into contact with people and getting noticed. He stood from a place a bit far from the cave and watched. 

The moment Lan Ting appeared, the madam inside immediately came closer and asked nervously, “How was it? How is my Cheng’er?”

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