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Ace of the Dragon Division Chapter 332.2

Chapter 332: Met But Cannot Acknowledge (Part two)

Lan Ting nodded and smiled. “Madam, very good! Young Master’s all grown up now, and he’s just like Master.”

The madam exclaimed joyously and anxiously, “Hurry, let me see his picture!”

Lan Ting nodded and took out a document bag from her sleeve. It contained all the photos she could find on Xu Cheng, and most of them were screen-captures from the reality show Xu Cheng was on.

When the madam saw those pictures, she immediately began to tear up with joy as she sobbed and said, “It’s Cheng’er, it’s my Cheng’er! He looks very much like his father back in the old days!“

With tears rolling down her face, she asked, “Is he alright?”

Lan Ting: “Yeah, couldn’t be better! His temper is also like yours, Madam!”

Lan Ting told her about the conversation they had, and that madam listened intently, and from time to time she would unknowingly smile. “That child really has my temper. But, he’s more like his father. I don’t know if I can see him in this life…”

“You will, Madam! I will get Young Master to leave Huaxia to ensure his safety for sure, and I will get you out of here! You two will reunite!” Lan Ting gritted her teeth and said with determination.

The madam bitterly smiled. “Lan Ting, I know what you want to do, but don’t do it. Zhengxiong’s already dead, I don’t want you, the only one still close to me, to die for me too.”

Watching and listening to all of this from afar, for some reason, Xu Cheng’s eyes became a bit red. He subconsciously clenched his fist and scolded himself, “I really don’t deserve to be your son. My mother’s locked up here, yet I’m living well outside. I’m sorry, Dad!”

The madam asked Lan Ting again, “Oh right, is Cheng’er married? Is his wife pretty? Does he have any children? Do I have a grandson or granddaughter?”

Faced with the stream of questions, Lan Ting couldn’t help but chuckle.

The madam immediately continued, “Did you give him my savings? He was an orphan, and without any savings, he probably couldn’t get himself a wife. Give him the money, and let him just court whoever he likes. He must’ve lived a tougher childhood than most children, I just hope that he can live comfortably for the rest of his life.”

Xu Cheng slowly got closer. Seeing that lady inside the cave that would get excited whenever she talks about her son, he really wanted to call her “Mom”. But, he couldn’t!

Then, the madam took one photo from the pile and hid it in her clothes while hurriedly giving all of the others back to Lan Ting. She nervously said, “Burn them, we can’t let anyone know about Cheng’er, especially Ryong Xiao. He won’t let go of my son, he won’t!”

“Mom!” Seeing this made Xu Cheng’s heart wrench and for some unknown reason, he subconsciously called out. 

The madam immediately became excited as she grabbed onto Lan Ting’s hand and asked, “Did you hear that? Did you hear that? I think I heard someone call me ‘Mom’!”

Lan Ting was already tearing up. “Madam, please calm down, you are hallucinating from missing Young Master too much!”

“No I did not!” The madam looked around. “I really heard it!”

Speaking of this, tears began slipping down again. “If I can hear my Cheng’er call me Mom in this life, I will be able to die without regrets!”

Xu Cheng looked at her from just half a meter away. The mother and son were so close at hand, and tears began rolling down unconsciously from Xu Cheng’s face.

“Mom!” Xu Cheng choked up on the inside and he thought, “Just wait, I will get you out of here! No one will be able to stop us from reuniting!”

After clenching his fist, he began walking away, looking back at the woman behind bars once for every 3 steps he took. Ultimately, he disappeared into the snow. In the near future, the subsequent battle here would make all the snow melt.

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